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Feb 23, 2011 02:05 PM

Le Mistral

Headed back to Le Mistral this weekend to celebrate my birthday & looking forward to Chef David's excellent cuisine!

I realized I hadn't posted a review of the last time we dined at the Chef's table so I will make just one quick comment then post a full review after this visit. In early 2010 we had eaten at the Chef's table and it was not everything that it had been on past visits. Luckily Chef David reads comments periodically and had made adjustments so that they were back on top of their game when we dined there several times later in the year. Good to know that those with the power of change are listening! (And that we are the ones reaping the rewards!)

Le Mistral
1400 Eldridge Pkwy, Houston, TX 77077

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  1. Well, I gotta say, Le Mistral is a favorite of ours. The mushroom soup, when offered is outstanding. If fact, they truly excel on soups in general. The Sunday brunch is great too (menu service, not buffet).. I really want to go by and check out their new food store/bakery next door which recently opened, I think it's called Foody's.

    Le Mistral
    1400 Eldridge Pkwy, Houston, TX 77077

    1. Having some technical difficulties today, so hopefully this time the write up will post!

      As planned, we dined at the chef's table of Le Mistral this past weekend and I can say that they are just as good if not better than ever! All in all the food was fresh, creative (but not in an overdone way, which is good in my book), and flavorful.

      Here is a quick run down of what we had (pics included):

      Sweet corn & chicken chowder (3rd place winner in a recent chicken soup contest in Houston) - very good

      Wild salmon with warm carpaccio/sesame broth - a great mix of flavors and textures. May not be typical French fare, but it was great!

      Baby Canadian lobster tail with a gratinee of saffron, garlic, and potato and a pastis roux - my favorite of the night!

      Slow roasted baby veal chop with yellow squash ravioli covered with a whisky flamed anju -
      failed to take a picture of this one - that squash ravioli was calling my name!

      Panna cotta with strawberry juice covered with a caramel cage - OMG! And this was just the "pre-dessert"!

      Raspberries and strawberries served with a fruit coulis and champagne sabayon and a side of pear sorbet - a lovely ending that was not too heavy.

      All around a great birthday celebration! We will definately be back soon.

      Le Mistral
      1400 Eldridge Pkwy, Houston, TX 77077

      Le Mistral
      1420 Eldridge Pkwy, Houston, TX 77077

      1. My wife & I had diner here this evening. We eat out frequently - 3 or 4 times a week. This was not an event. It was simply meant to be a good, maybe even great diner. It was neither. I might add, we are also both good cooks.

        My wife ordered the Noix De St. Jacques for an appetizer - $16.00. It consisted of two small unseasoned scallops. They were under cooked and had to be sent back. This took over ten minutes to heat up two scallops. In the meantime, my appetizer sat & got cold.

        My wife ordered the rack of lamb - a dish we have frequently at home. After waiting 20 minutes it arrived practically raw and had to be sent back. It was plated with no carving done whatsoever, while we were left with a dull knife. I recognized the rack as I too get mine from Costco, however when I cook it it has been marinated for a day and a sprig of rosemary is cooked with it. Le Mistrals rack had no seasoning whatsoever - not even salt or pepper. When I plate the rack at home, each chop is sliced and fanned across the plate. Presentation should be important.

        I ordered the sea bass - $34.00. It was the size of a half a dollar on a scoop of risotto. Once again there was no seasoning. The bass had absolutely no flavor.

        Service was extremely slow. Diner took 21/5 hours. We were consistently ignored. But wait, you think it can't get worse. We were seated within clear view of the restrooms. The view wasn't the problem - the smell was.

        Now let's add insult to injury - The only reason we drove 30 minutes to have this experience was because of a $79.00 Groupon that I had purchased. They would not honor it. We argued with them. One brother/owner came out trying to confuse us as much as possible. They became nasty. We paid the full bill of close to $200.00 - $200.00 for perhaps the worst restaurant experience I have ever had in Houston.. Houston is a fabulous restaurant city. There is no excuse to waste your time & money here.

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        1. re: nemco1

          That's absurd.

          May I ask what the Denis' gripe with the Groupon was? I'm going to assume it was because you didn't announce the Groupon in the beginning, right?

          But after having to send back two dishes, I would think they would be thrilled to death to honor your Groupon and believe they got off easy.


          Edited to Add: I just saw your review on Yelp, (cut and pasted no less!), along with quite a few others mentioning Groupon issues at Le Mistral.

          I guess caveat emptor applies here in spades.

          1. re: DoobieWah

            The fact that we had a groupon was announced when the reservation was made, when we walked in the door to the hostess, and when we sat down to the waiter. We did everything but stand on a chair and show it to everyone.

            However, Groupon was only one issue; the food was pedestrian & tastless; the service was incredibly slow; the presentation of the Costco rack of lamb was completely unprofessional. But wait - what about the smell from the restrooms, or was that actually from the kitchen.

            We sent back dishes because after waiting close to 30 minutes (after all it takes sometime to get to Costco) they came out almost raw, not medium rare as requested.

            Please, anyone who reads this - Houston has outstanding restaurants, don't bother with this one. The people are rude, the service is slow, the food is awful, but the smell.....

            1. re: nemco1

              So I still don't understand what the Groupon issue was.

              Can you expand on that specifically? It seems to be a real problem over there and I'm curious.

        2. I used a Groupon there once, no problem. And while I agree there are inconsistencies in service and quality at Le Mistral, it is hard to believe they missed the mark so badly.

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          1. re: Lambowner

            Groupon wasn't the real problem. They stand by their product. The owners are nasty, the food is mediorcre, and the service is poor. I'm glad you had a good experience - sometimes people win the lottery.