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Feb 23, 2011 01:19 PM

Another new Creuset shade: Spinach - at Crate & Barrel

Think 1968 Avocado green. Retro-chic?

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  1. That's the perfect shade of green for my navy/powder blue/green/silver LR/DR. I could not have designed a more perfect shade of green.

    If only it came in the 4.5 qt size.

    1. ProfessorBear: My first thought was that the color must be called "Meconium".

      Oh, I was so wrong, *wrong*, WRONG in an earlier thread when I doubted certain LC colors pair poorly with foods. I could lose weight if all I had to cook in was this color.

      Please, for the Love of... please, no one decorate or interior design around this one, OK?

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      1. re: kaleokahu

        You don't like this new color or you just don't like the discussion of new colors?

        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

          Chem: Well, kinda both... This new color I find so particularly ghastly that I have partially changed my mind about the pairing thing (apoligies to ellabee and others). I never would have thought a color could put me off my feed.

          On the other hand, I have a neg reaction when I think folks are changing colors whenever they move/repaint/get new table linens/wake up sad. Seems like the opposite of frugality, wasteful somehow. This is not completely rational, I acknowledge--people should be able to spend wastefully and think better of themselves if they want.

          I just hope no one redecorates around Mec... I mean Spinach, as they will probably regret it.

          Wait, maybe in a duck blind!

          1. re: kaleokahu

            The weird thing is, I'd imagine someone at Crate & Barrel had to think that shade was a good idea to say, "Yes, we'd like to carry that." Hell, I'd bet someone at C&B had input on what they wanted for their exclusive.

            What I can't imagine is what they're smoking over there at Crate headquarters.

            1. re: ProfessorBear

              ProfessorBear: Imagine the laughter in Fresnoy-Le-Grand!

            2. re: kaleokahu


              This color is a bit weird, but I don't have negative feelings about it. It actually seems better than the standard colors. I can never understand why bright red is so popular.

              As for these cookware, you just have to think of them as partly cookware and partly fashionable goods. Some people buy new shoes and purses because they are "in", not because their last ones are broken.

              Another way to look at it is that I am not a very color sensitive person. It does not bother me a bit when two unmatched colors are put together. For others, it is important to match colors. One of my friends (probably more than "one") told me that dressing well makes her happy. If she is unhappy, then she will spend more time to dress me.

              If you read between the lines, many people here are enjoying matching Le Creuset colors.

              1. re: Jay F


                Agree. Matching colors is important for many people. On one hand, the tendancy to match colors for Le Cresuet is not different than other things like clothings and table linens. On the other hand, no other cookware enjoy the same level of attention like Le Creuset does.

                1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                  "If she is unhappy, then she will spend more time to dress me"

                  Typo. It should be "If she is unhappy, then she will spend more time to dress UP"

                  1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                    In response to this very cerebral thread, I posit this:

                    What disorder, if any, causes one to refrain from buying ANY Le Creuset because one cannot decide on a color? My friend refuses to commit to LC because she cannot decide what color is her favorite. I told her actually enjoy buying different colors. It allows me to take advantage of sales, and I figure one day I'll have a colorful collection, and not be put out when they come out with new colors or discontinue old colors. She frowned.

                    1. re: Pei

                      Pei: Well, a cerebral thread can provide a cerebral answer to your question: The disorder is an anxiety disorder, and the best explanation at present is that its sufferers have decreased neural inhibition, which can prevent them from choosing between many (and, in this case, many garish) options. Neural inhibition assists people in making decisions by way of one or more nerve cells suppressing the activity of others. Without the inhibition, choices can be overwhelming, even mildly nauseous ones like Spinach vs. Cornflower.

                      How's that?

                        1. re: Pei

                          "What disorder, if any, causes one to refrain from buying ANY Le Creuset because one cannot decide on a color? ...."

                          To be honest, I think it is a combination of price and seek of perfectionism. Your friend realizes she is going to spend good deal of money and want to get a perfect pot. Unfortunately, she is afraid that she will pick a color which she will regret later. It is not all that illogical. The pain of regret can be much more than the pain of "not having". Look no further than say marriage commitment. To many. Not getting married far exceeds being married to the wrong person. What is that is not the person? What if there is someone out there?

                          Of course, LC is not marriage, but I am just exaggerate the argument a bit.

                          1. re: Pei

                            Sounds like me. I've got black. Picked up the little doufeu in red and flame because I couldn't decide which I wanted or could go with black. Haven't decided yet and might just return both and wait for another small black!

                    2. re: kaleokahu

                      Well, I seem to have been under the false impression that this site was populated by mature adults. Obviously, if you don't reccognize this color as the "new" avocado green, then you're just not mature enough to remember ;) or perhaps too mature to remember ;). Back in the hay day of avocado green, harvest gold, and coppertone, when consumers were considerably more frugel than they are today, my father-in-law made a good living (ok, beer money) by taking plain vanilla white refregerators and painting them the new designer avocado green, etc., then he also made beer money by painting them Almond after avocado green lost favor in the designer world, can you imagine that. So to even aspire to the thought someone isn't going to jump all over Spinich (and for the life of me I've never seen spinich that color) is an exercise in futility. Home Depot is mixing up gallons of this new color as we squander away yet another valuable hour typing away debating the virtues of multi-color LC.

                      If I may quote one of my childhood heros Yogi Berra; "It's like deja-vu, all over again."

                      1. re: mikie

                        Hi, Mikie:

                        Yes, all very mature here! Comedy, satire and mirth are sometimes the only way to confront the incomprehensibly ugly. The funny part for me is that I'm normally pretty lassez-faire about color.

                        I *do* remember "Avocado" appliances, although I was too young to actually buy one. I should have written: "Please, for the Love of... please, no one decorate or interior design around this one. We made that mistake before, OK?"

                        But you are right, we will be seeing this color, probably on one of the cooking and home design networks and magazines, and then in actual homes. Cue Brando's portrayal of Col. Kurtz; "THE HORROR!"

                        1. re: kaleokahu

                          I had hoped I wasn't the only old guy on the forum, perhaps I'm wrong. I don't remember much about our first appartment after college, but the second one, in New Orleans, was appointed with coppertone appliances. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before LC figures out how to make that ugly color as well. I actually enjoyed your initial post. If I may quote just one more time, "Life is too important to be taken seriously." Oscar Wilde

                          1. re: mikie

                            mikie: What's old? My coffeemaker's 171. I'm only 53.

                              1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                                Hi, Chem:

                                Yes, it's a Potsdam Boiler, made by E. Dehillerin in 1840. Now if I can only figure out how to plug it in!

                              2. re: kaleokahu

                                kaleokahu, thank goodness I'm no where near as old as your coffeemaker ;) Unfortunately, I'm old enough to remember Avocado green appliances. But then I remember my mother's turquoise cabenets with the pink formica counter top in the kitchen as well. Oddly enough, my mother-in-law had the same color scheme in her kitchen.
                                I'm with Chem on the coffee maker.

                                1. re: mikie


                                  "Unfortunately, I'm old enough to remember Avocado green appliances."

                                  Have you considered how the future generation may view/judge today's appliance colors? They probably will think the popular colors of today are stupid and ugly. (Although I am sure pure black and pure white will always be welcomed to some degrees, just because they are so basic).

                      2. Oh, this is just too good. I did a double take in the store recently and laughed that the avocado green (memories of my very first home - a rental) is baaaaaaccck! For it to be called spinach is oh-so-rich. Everything comes back around sooner or later - and then goes!

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                        1. re: sancan

                          Yeah - it sparked memories of my childhood. My parents were married in 1969 and well into the 1980s we had an avocado green washer and dryer. The avocado green refrigerator made it to 1995. Heck, the late 50s-early 60s brown stove made it into the new millennium. Don't make them like that any longer.

                          I have a feeling that this color will be on sale very, very soon once C&B realizes how bad it is.

                        2. I'm not only old enough to remember avocado, our extra refrigerator in the garage is avocado-over 40 years old still runs like a champ and even has the trendy bottom freezer !! I still have an avocado crockpot ( I hide it when company comes over) that being said, I'm not a fan of the new spinach color and wont be buying it, though as an interior designer by trade I can say- that color has been trending in for the last 2 years-this year in alot of outdoor fabrics so It will probably be around for awhile

                          1. Although my LC is red, orange and yellow, I actually do like this new green.

                            But, I don't think it's a very Crate & Barrel-like color. I would have expected something more primary, not a muted color as their choice.