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Anyone been to Queens Comfort in Astoria yet?

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I just read a great food blog review of this place and wanted to see if anyone had been there?

Queens Comfort (40-09 30th Ave., Astoria)

Queens Comfort
40-09 30th Ave, Queens, NY 11103

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  1. We went last Thursday. It was quite good, and we'll be happy to go back, though it wasn't the transcendent experience described in the blog post I read (I've learned to take that blogger's reviews with a healthy shaker of salt—his photographs are lovely, but he's a bit too effusive in his praise, which reads more like publicity to me than the work of a reviewer).

    But, back to Queens Comfort: They did a great job of cozying up the former Blue (RIP) space. Friendly service; they're obviously eager to do a good job. My fiancé enjoyed the pea soup topped with pork belly, although it seemed to have been sitting on a burner for a bit too long—that's the sort of thing that'll get ironed out as a brand-new restaurant finds its legs. I had a housemade biscuit—scallion, iirc—that hit just the right combo of flakiness and moistness. Mac and cheese had lots of texture and a zippy flavor—it was served flat, in a baking dish, and didn't look anything like the tower of noodles on the aforementioned blog. The wedge salad was nicely if a bit heavily dressed, though the lettuce remained satisfyingly crunchy (I tend to take a lighter hand with dressing and condiments than many people, so "heavy" isn't really a criticism). I believe my fiancé also had the pulled-pork sandwich; I didn't try it but he liked it just fine.

    Upshot: I'd recommend it, as long as you temper expectations to suit a brand-new restaurant that's clearly trying to please. I'm eager to try it again, and looking forward to their opening for brunch sometime—Stumptown coffee!

    Queens Comfort
    40-09 30th Ave, Queens, NY 11103

    1. I live nearby and finally made it last night on the early side. I have to say, I was quite delighted with my experience and look forward to going back soon.

      I was predisposed to dislike it, if only because it took over the space vacated by the Blue restaurant -- an old and dilapidated diner that I loved ($5.95 for a huge meat loaf dinner.) -0- but I walked out a fan.

      Menu choices are limited at Queens Comfort, but what they do the do real well. I had the incredibly tasty pan fried chicken -- the batter was superb - which I doused with honey as instructed, it really worked! The biscuits are incredibly -- the best I have ever had. My friend had the pulled pork, which I sampled, and it was incredible. Their home made donuts for desert were unexpected and devoured rapidly.

      The staff was young, cute and really friendly. Perhaps a touch of ditziness here, but in a good way. They might have trouble with large crowds though.

      I have had a hankering for one of their biscuits all day ....

      It's just one of those places that has a nice vibe -- the staff is obviously very eager and I have hunch this place will succeed.

      By the way, a couple of doors down on the corner there is a friendly gay bar called Mix, which has a very good brunch with drag entertainment on Sundays. The food is surprisingly good and the drag queen is hilarious.

      Queens Comfort
      40-09 30th Ave, Queens, NY 11103

      1. Yes! I was just at Queens Comfort last night for my birthday and had the best time! I've also been there for brunch previously. I recommend the chicken biscuit, pulled pork, and wings. The prices are so reasonable and the staff are great! It's one of my new favorite go to spots in Astoria.

        Queens Comfort
        40-09 30th Ave, Queens, NY 11103

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          Anyone been recently?

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            Hi ZenFoodist,

            My guy and I went yesterday. We liked it and would probably go again.

            I loved the cinnamon sugar doughnut. The hole comes on the side—on rather on top making it look like a little spritely brown tam o'shanter. If anyone doesn't like these, I'll gladly eat my hat—and theirs as well.

            The burger and fries were very good though nothing unusual. FYI they only cook them medium.

            We also tried the Italian strata. It was rich with cheese and generously accented with coins of spicy sausage goodness. Both delicious and filling. The portion may look small at first glance but don't be fooled. This will hold you till dinner.

            We were full but couldn't resist getting a square of the peanut butter Lucky Charms marshmallow treats to go.

            Later back at the house, we found it to be fine though perhaps a little more peanut butter flavor would have made it truly irresistible.

            The best part about it, however, was that it looked as though it was made out of Little Friskies! Hmmm.......I wonder.... I guess I should stop there—the guys at Do or Dine in Bed-Stuy might get ideas!


            Glendale is hungry...

            Queens Comfort
            40-09 30th Ave, Queens, NY 11103

            Do or Dine
            1108 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216