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Feb 23, 2011 12:41 PM

Cookie Mix in a Jar

I'm looking to purchase cookie mix in a jar--saw it online--it's a small mason jar filled with all the dry ingredients to make cookies--it includes a recipe--you just add the wet ingredients. I'm in Toronto.

Please let me know where to get them--thanks


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  1. For sure, Williams Sonoma has pre-mixed cookie stuff, but usually in a box. You could transfer to a jar if you like.

    However, it's a billion times cheaper to make this yourself. has some. Type "Cookie Mix In a Jar." I'm partial to #3.

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      I need about 100 as favours to staff--would rather buy them than make them

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        I saw them on clearout at The Bay today (Soft Gingerbread Cookie mix) I guess you would have to visit a few stores to find 100...

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          1. Chapters (the bookstore) has exactly what you describe (ingredients in a mason jar) and a couple of flavours if memory serves me.