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Feb 23, 2011 12:12 PM

BBQ place Needed for a weekday dinner next Wednesday

I will be staying in the Galleria area for 1 night & want to have great BBQ. Several years ago I ate at Goodes & enjoyed it, but i have been reading that it has gone downhill. Disappointing since it seems to be the closest to my hotel. I will have a car, but it may be close to 7:30 to 8:30pm before I can get to the restaurant. I prefer to go to a place where I can sit down. I really appreciate everyone's help.

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  1. Try the Brisket House on Woodway or Luling City Market (I think it's on Richmond). Both are good.

    1. Late BBQ is tough. Im sure you know that but just wanted to throw that out.
      I'd probably say Phil's on Washington or Beavers just off Washington. Neither is the best but they do "specialize" in a later crowd.

      1. As jscarbor suggested all the better places will be closed by then. The only thing to recommend LCM is its proximity to where you're staying but I would definitely avoid it in the evening when it's just a sports bar and the bbq has been on the steam table for hours.

        Pappas will still be open. There's one on 59 about 4 miles outside the Loop, actually a little closer than the Goode Co. probably. The locations downtown (the original, near St. Joseph's Hospital) and on 45 S near 610 are supposed to be better locations.

        I don't know if Goode Co. has gone downhill so much as it's never gotten much love from Chowhounds (nor does LCM or Pappas).

        I've never been to Phil's or the Brisket House on Woodway but of the options I'm familiar with, I'd choose Beaver's, I think.

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          Thank you for the suggestions. I read Beaver's menu and it appears as if the BBQ is a small part of the restaurant. Is it as good as those types of places that have nothing but BBQ?

          1. re: bobygee

            or better... you should be able to find lots of mentions of Beaver's on this board and local blogs, etc. As with everything to do with barbecue in Texas, you will find a lot of disagreement but of the ones I'm familiar with open at that hour, that would be my choice, no question. Uh, well, I might feel like taking a first chance on the Brisket House since I've had it on my list to try for some time..... Can't remember that I've ever been searching for barbecue that late anywhere, though; barbecue places close early.

        2. I'll go against the grain and suggest Baker's Ribs on Voss. It's a fairly short drive from the Galleria and they are open until 8.

          I have... uhm... "ethical issues" with Luling City Market on Richmond as Jaymes documented on another thread.

          Baker's is near my office and I've been going there off and on since they opened quite a few years ago. It's a small family chain from Dallas. This is the only Houston location.

          The problem is that anywhere you go, at that time of night, they will have been holding the meat for several hours and barbecued, (barbequed?, bar-b-qued?, bbq'd?), brisket is best after only a short rest. It just dries out too fast.

          Baker's, as the name implies, does a good rib and I think they would hold a little better.

          I'm sure the beef will still be perfectly edible, but it won't be as good as it would have been earlier.

          Let us know
          Where you go
          ...and how it was,
          (just because).

          (With all apologies to "The Fuser".)

          Baker's Ribs
          2223 S Voss Rd, Houston, TX 77057