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online source for grains and legumes??

Does anybody have a favorite website for ordering dried beans, lentils, grains, etc?? I live in the boonies, and believe it or not I just went to 4 local supermarkets and couldn't find lentils (local here means approx 20 miles). I figure if I'm going to have order them, I'd like to find a good source where I might also be able to get good quality beans and other grains of variety. Rancho Gordo looks great for beans, but I didn't see any lentils there.

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  1. I've never ordered beans, legumes, grains and the like online. But we have a terrific local shop that has an incredible variety of such and I know they accept online ordering. You could check them out and see if there's anything that you'd like. The place is Kalustyan's. Here's the link: http://www.kalustyans.com/ .

    (ETA: I just looked and there are 104 entries under "lentils and dals" so that's a good place to start.)

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    1. Rancho gordo. the best beans I know. a few grains.

      1. bulkfoods.com has 28 different bean/legume varieties and 38 types of grains. I order from these guys regularly. Very good prices and good product.

        1. http://purcellmountainfarms.com/

          They have a wide variety of legumes, grains, flours, and more, and are for the most part less expensive than Rancho Gordo. I have ordered from both. Personally, I noticed virtually no quality difference between the pricey stuff and the pound bags sold in the supermarket for a quarter the price.

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            rancho gordo is growing beans not easliy available elsewhere.

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              No disrespect but that's not true. Heirloom beans are readily available elsewhere. A quick search on Google produces a number of sources in varying parts of the country. Rancho Gordo has one of the higher prices per lb. for their quality beans but they have solid competition.

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                to clarify, what I meant is that. I respect the projects they are doing with growers But I don't care where anyone else shops.

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                Rancho Gordo has 34 varieties of beans. Purcell has over 90 of beans, 13 lentils, and 7 peas.

            2. I am a huge fan of Rancho Gordo primarily for the variety of heirloom beans you can get from them.

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                  completely agree with Bobs Red Mill and they stand behind their product if you are unhappy with your order.

                2. I hadn't checked back in while - thanks for all the responses!