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Feb 23, 2011 12:00 PM

Thai Shan Inn --- Anyone Recently A Customer

While on Eglinton years it was quite very busy and the food was interesting, often pretty good, certainly proclaimed as one of the first Toronto Thai restaurants ( Chinese ifluence as well ). I haven't been there for years, they are now on Dufferin north of Eglinton. Please express your thoughts as to the restaurant these days as to good, the dishes, etc!!!

Thai Shan Inn Restaurant
2404 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6E 3S8, CA

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  1. Went just under a year ago. Went to khao san road last week, I still feel Thai shan is better. The new location is a lot less dingy than the old one (no more plastic tablecloths) though I felt the dingy-ness contributed to the charm...

    1. I find the food inconsistent but 'mostly good'.
      The Tom Yum Koong is superb - my favourite in the city. The Green Mango Salad is also a favourite of mine - for all the wrong reasons, probably. It's too 'wet', too 'sweet' - but still addictive - even I can't determine why it's so satisfying.
      Pad Thai has varied in quality. Last time was 'too sweet' but had excellent texture. The meat (beef in particular) has sometimes been over-tenderized.

      But with all that, it's still one of the best restaurants (for me) in the area - but I wouldn't make a special trip there.

      And it WAS the first Thai place in Toronto - but many (?) owners ago. First chef/owner was Wandee Young (who founded the Young Thailand mini-chain). I still recall one of the earlier Toronto food guidebooks (Zagat -style) giving it 4 out of 30 for decor - the lowest score in the book. And that was AFTER they had just renovated!

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        I was there just a week ago with a friend and, like estufarian, found it mostly good, if not overly distinctive. Also found the green mango salad too sweet - I'll ask them next time to hold the sugar they sprinkle over it - but tasty just the same. The huge serving is enough for two. Damned if I can remember the two mains we shared, which explains why the place isn't too distinctive, I suppose. One was a lamb dish, the other a veggie dish, both respectable. Most dishes are $1 or $2 higher than at most other Thai joints, but the bill is quite modest nevertheless. Decor is much, much improved over the grim old premises. Good service. But I'll still take my local, Thai Plate on Bathurst Street, north of Lawrence, doing Thai Shan Inn only if I'm in the Dufferin/Eglinton neighborhood and hankering for Thai.

      2. Agree with almost all comments made, Thai Shan Inn was always pretty good to eat in, no decor, but one reason I posted is because of in most restaurants the take out was dreaded. I found that my take out items, carefully selected from Thai Shan Inn were after an hour of travel, were unusually fine at home. Mango Salad fine cold and lightly reheating by microwave did not affect the dishes. I will visit the new location for takeout as I can, likely a month or so away though as I get into that area only a few times a year. Super Thanks!!!

        Thai Shan Inn Restaurant
        2404 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6E 3S8, CA

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          Oops, my reply was to refer to the Mango Salad being fine cold upon travel, but It reads as I heat the Mango Salad, sorry, the heating was a reference to dishes such as Pad Thai, Rice, Curries, my sincere apologies as to posting error.

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            And I thought I was eating mango salad the wrong way all these years...