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Feb 23, 2011 10:24 AM

Apple Pie (Westchester County)

Where can I get a good apple pie, close to homemade? Nice crust, and no canned apples, which a surpising number of bakeries use to save time.

Here's what I've had:

Boiano - Mamaroneck
Farmer's Market - Armonk/Rye/Larchmont (I forget which vendor, it might have been Orchards)
Galloway - Eastchester
Topps - Bronxville
Pastry Center - Scarsdale
Turco's/Morton Williams - Central Ave, haven't tried the Yorktown version if it's any different
Stop and Shop
Shop Rite
McDonald's/Burger King
Mrs. Smith's - Available at fine retail freezers

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  1. I like Stew Leonard's apple pie.

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    1. re: byramgirl

      Is it more than just a step above supermarket pie (high end or otherwise)?

      1. re: Ho_Nutha_Levoo

        I also like Stew's apple pie. I don't know if the apples are fresh or not, but they keep their shape and taste better than Shoprite's. The Dutch Apple is my particular favorite--the apples aren't too sweet but the topping is.
        Do you like the pie at Galloway's? I'm a fan of their apple turnovers.

        1. re: iluvcookies

          It's the only kind I've tried there and was decent. My research suggests that chocolate and banana cremes are their specialty.

          The apple pies I've had fall into 4 categories: homemade, bakery, supermarket room temperature, and frozen. I've had very few from a bakery or restaurant/cafe that taste homemade but that's what my search is for. I'd expect Stew's to be better than most supermarkets' (even Whole Foods and Fairway).

          1. re: Ho_Nutha_Levoo

            The Apple Pie Bakery at the CIA in Hyde Park is probably the best you can get... not in Westchester but about an hour's drive. Have you ever tried this? It is Apple Nirvana.

            1. re: iluvcookies

              I've never had the privilege but knowing their reputation and several graduates I can believe it's the best. If only they opened a retail shop further south. Any other ideas?

    2. I am very fond of the apple pie at Cherry Lawn on the corner of Quaker Ridge Road and Weaver Street.

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      1. re: mr. f

        They're expensive, but from seeing the selection the last time I was there you're probably right.

      2. I see you have the Orchards of Concklin on your list. They do a variety of Farmer's markets, including Irvington and the ones on your list. Their pies are homemade. I haven't had the apple (-- how was it?), but I love love love the sweet potato pie. Here's their website to check which markets they'll be at ...

        The Orchards of Concklin
        2 S Mountain Rd, Pomona, NY 10970

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        1. re: cloverose

          It was good, so was the price and the size (they have small and large). As you can see this is one food item I'm terribly picky about.

          1. re: cloverose

            Orchard's pies are good. The fillings are excellent and the crust is better than acceptable. I've had many varieties of their pies, including apple, and all are well made. (The crust made by Briermere's way out on Long Island is better, but they don't distribute beyond their own place.)

            1. re: therealdoctorlew

              Assuming I wasn't just lucky once with a good batch, Riviera's is the new pie to beat. Orchard's is good though and the most convenient when the farmers markets are open.

          2. I like Rivieria Bakehouse's (in Ardsley) apple pie quite a bit - fairly certain they do not use canned fillings or preservatives

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            1. re: Bloombee

              Riviera has been on my list to visit for quite some time, for whatever reason I never go when I'm in Ardsley.

              1. re: Ho_Nutha_Levoo

                Ok, we have a winner. Got one for $13, a "small" (regular to large size anywhere else). You're right about the filling Bloombee. The high crust scared me initially, almost like an Indian poori bread. I should've gone here right away, despite the distance.

                1. re: Ho_Nutha_Levoo

                  Glad you like it! I am also a big fan of their savory tarts

            2. The vermont mystic pie co. makes both apple and blueberry/apple pies. the filling is very good and the apples are still "crisp". the crust (imho) is as good as most homemade pies.whole foods and a&p at different times carried them, also zabars. it is in the freezer section in a very bright red and yellow box (primarily). i tried their website (quickly) and did not see who carries it but you might

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              1. re: rich51

                THE FREEZER SECTION???!!!

                (I was kidding about the Mrs. Smiths by the way)

                1. re: Ho_Nutha_Levoo

                  if you ever see it and try it i would (sorry i won't actually) give you a money back guarantee. they are run by a spinoff or really former ben and jerry employee. check their website at least , and i will still put it up against most homemade, i really thinkk the crust is that good, as is the filling

                  1. re: rich51

                    Ok rich but you better be right about this