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Feb 23, 2011 10:03 AM

Asbury Park Culinary School - I've heard really nice things about eating there.

I've heard people say the food and service are wonderful although the decor isn't much and it's bright so bring a bottle of wine and keep your sunglasses on and it's fabulous.

I've found some info. but no reviews. Maybe because it's not open on weekends?

For private groups, Call for reservations.

Monday through Friday , 11:30 am to 12:30pm, Reservations are required for parties of 6 or more

Monday through Thursday, 5:15 to 6:15pm, 4 Course Meal, Prices range from $20.00 to $26.00
Classical Cuisine of French and Italian And American Regional Make your reservations now.
Monday through Friday, 9 am to 10 am and 11:15am to 1:15pm
For more information please call 732-988-3299 ext. 17
101 Drury Lane, Asbury Park NJ 07712

"At the CEC the students operate two dining rooms, The Mandolin Dining Room, and the Windows of the Culinary Education Center Dining Room.

The Dining Room
12 Woodport Rd Ste 1, Sparta, NJ 07871

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  1. This is news to me. Thanks LindaGriggs. While the price is definitely right, the limited hours and no weekend schedule makes dinner a difficult proposition.

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      A friend told me that they expect all the students to learn every aspect of the restaurant business so they have them act as wait staff, buss tables, manage the dining room, etc as well as learning the culinary side.

      We're only there on weekends so I'm pretty disappointed too. I really would like to experience some decent service in Asbury Park.

    2. I went once quite a few years ago with a group of women from an organization I used to belong to. We had a Tuesday lunch group, and the person who headed the group chose it. The food wasn't bad but not good enough for me to ever consider dining there on my own.

      1. Friend and I have been to the Culinary School many times and my family while visiting AP for other reasons have bought baked goods. We go to support the students learning there. We don't expect high dining found in an established restaurant with experienced chefs. While the menus could be more creative, we find the experience fun and in the right frame of mind a unique community experience. If you are interested in supporting students entering the culinary field, I recommend you go.

        1. I had heard about this years ago and wanted to check it out but never knew where to go or call. Thanks Linda! I guess I'll start by checking out their lunch.

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            joonjoon, maybe contact me if you to make a chow meet and eat?

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              Absolutely! I will check it out one of these and report back. :)