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Feb 23, 2011 09:47 AM

Satchel's BBQ Ann Arbor

DH and I very much enjoyed take-out from Satchel's this past weekend. It's Carolina style BBQ. We had brisket and pulled chicken with the typical vinegar-based BBQ sauce. The meat was tender, flavorful and well-smoked. Sides were also fairly good -- really good mac and cheese, great slaw (very finely chopped but not soupy) and decent corn bread. The texas toast was not much more than bread; I'd expected something more like garlic bread. As we don't eat pork we didn't try the ribs, greens or beans, but other customers seemed to be enjoying them. The portions are reasonable but not huge. The two of us and our five year old shared two plates and there was enough left over for DH to have a good sized sandwich the next day.

The restaurant itself is fairly rustic with a few long family style tables and a menu written on butcher paper. The staff were all very friendly and service was pretty efficient for opening weekend.

All in all, we're excited to welcome a decent restaurant to our neighborhood.

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  1. Had dinner from here tonight . I really enjoyed the brisket and mac n cheese.

    1. Address, please? I love Carolina BBQ the most, so it's a go-to for me!

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      1. re: berkleybabe

        Washtenaw, west of Huron Pkwy (by Whole Foods).

        please post to let us know how you thing it compares, BB

        1. re: VTB

          Will do! You, too, interested in your take on it.

      2. Satchel's is pretty darn good. The smell from the parking lot is hardwood smoke and that carries forward to the meat. Ribs, brisket, pulled pork are all bathed in that aroma. Sides are okay. This is not a drive for an hour destination joint, but for a Midwestern college town, this is good 'cue. Prices are fair. Try the house sauce.

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        1. re: brooktroutchaser

          Looking at the website and the menu, it sure doesn't seem to be Carolina style BBQ, as per the OP's comment, but it sounds like it is pretty good.

          1. re: brentk

            The owner is from Alabama, I believe. I find it more like the Deep South styles. Can be uneven, but can be very good—I think it's worth the money.

            1. re: Jim M

              Jim would you travel from RO/Berkley for dinner?

              1. re: berkleybabe

                Oh, probably not. There should be other places equally good and closer.