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Feb 23, 2011 09:36 AM

Playa on Beverly

Has anyone tried the new John Sedlar restaurant Playa on Beverly Blvd? Comments?

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  1. Tried the entire menu, dish for dish, drink for drink (cocktails), including the desserts. Overall, the food was pretty good, as were the cocktails. My 2 fav dishes of the night: ensalada flan de elote and flora y terra (dessert). Check out kevineats for an extensive and detailed review. I'd say playa is worth checking out at least once.

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    1. re: namstermonster

      Thanks for the reply! I have never tried Rivera and really wanna check this place out.

    2. LA Times review here with some nice photos as part of the article: and the LA Weekly's review here (also with nice photos):

      Added a place link (including website and menu info) below.

      7360 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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        Thanks, Servorg! That was very helpful.... the place looks great and it's close to my place.

      2. I went with my wife for Valentine's day and we both loved it. The food was overall outstanding the service was prompt and very friendly. The cocktails (Julian Cox of Rivera was helming the bar) were excellent. Pictures at

        1. If you're interested, food critic, Jonathan Gold, covered this restaurant (Playa) today (3/26/11) on KCRW's "Good Food," with Evan Kleiman. You can go to to hear the entire review!