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Feb 23, 2011 08:59 AM

Special Occasion in Rockland

Looking for a "Special Occasion" restaurant in Rockland - any suggestions?

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  1. I assume this is not a large party? If it is for 6 or less, a wonderful choice in Rockland is Velo in Nyack. Great food, atmosphere, service. Best New American in Rockland, IMHO. Go!

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    1. re: menton1

      What menton1 said on all counts. Velo is my favorite Rockland restaurant.

      Not sure what your definition of "special occasion" is. Velo is casual, but has a great atmosphere, delicious food and a small but interesting wine list.

    2. Restaurant X in Congers, or, VERY special, Xaviar's in Piermont.

      1. If you like Japanese food, Wasabi Grill in Nyack is beautiful, sophisticated, has great food and wonderful service.

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        1. re: Elisa515

          Just a clarification to prevent any confusion if some is googling for directions, etc. It's Wasabi (without the Gill) in Nyack. Wasabi Grill, in New City, is a slightly more casual sister restaurant.

          1. re: JRBlack

            JRBlack, thanks for the correction! I've only been to the one in Nyack (definitely want to try New City); clearly I misremembered the name.

            Would you agree that Wasabi is an appropriate choice for a special occasion?

            1. re: Elisa515

              It could be, depending on the nature of the occasion, how large a group, etc. It can be a little loud when it's busy.

              My initial impulse would be to agree with the other posters about Velo and the Peter Kelly restaurants, though, and I would add Hudson House to the list. With one exception, and that was many years ago, I've always come away impressed by the food, the service, and the overall experience.

              1. re: JRBlack

                it's been a few years since I have been to Velo - altho it had been a pleasurable meal - I feel I should go back after all of you praising it so highly. No one has mentioned another fairly new one in Nyack - I can't remember the name and just tried to search for it - it was outstanding - something like barcelo?? Or maybe I am making the name up and it is nothing like that! I think it is where the old Coven Cafe used to be?!

                Edit: Cafe Barcel - although it wouldn't be for the OP as a special occasion place.

                1. re: smilingal

                  I have been to Cafe Barcel twice. First time it was great. Second time, not so good. I'd be curious as to whether anyone has been there recently.

                  1. re: Shawn

                    My experience was also a while back - maybe last year. I thought it was great - just noisy.

                  2. re: smilingal

                    Velo is only open about 3 years, so " a few years" might be a little long...!

                      1. re: smilingal

                        Got my refresher last night - yes while some don't show their best colors during restaurant week, the evening was great! Food, service, size of place - all extremely enjoyable!

          2. Still waiting for the OP to define "special occasion". Could be anything from an anniversary for 2 to a birthday party for 20...

            1. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. We ended up dining at Il Fresco in Orangeburg - the food was excellent, the service superb, and the setting very comfortable. Would definitely recommend.