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Feb 23, 2011 08:44 AM

Another mystery fish

I occasionally get stuck on identifying fish. This (not great) picture was taken in Venice. It would be really great if anyone could let me know what they think it is? Look forward to hearing from some of you amazingly knowledgeable people.

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  1. Venice -- Italy, Florida, or California?

    It's a little hard with the strange positioning, but it looks like what we used to call a goatfish.

    1. I don't have an answer for you, but I found another picture that looks like it could be the same fish. Found it doing an image search for "fish in italian markets." Would have been easy if the tag was for the fish, but unfortunately it's for the prawns next to the fish.

      1. Looks like a Tub Gunard or Tubfish, Capone gallinella in Italian. It's in the Triglidae family.

        1. Looks like a Gallinella di Mare minus its wings (pectoral fins). In the US we call them sea robins.

          Pic -->

          1. I have no idea, But, clearly a bottom dweller, like a catfish. From the looks of it, the "meat" of it is in the -tail_ from that head back. I would expect the meat to be, white and firm, on the order of monkfish. I would stream it, skin on and peel skin off before serving. I do not see a fillet in there.
            And I would also expect it to have a somewhat gelatinousness texture.

            Let us know what you find out.

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            1. re: Quine

              Ah ha! I think @gmm might be right. These in your picture look like gurnard, which I by chance photographed yesterday in Cornwall - attached. I think the strange angle didn't help, but your picture suddenly alerted me to the possibility. @sunshine842, it was Venice, Italy. Sorry to be so eurocentric - it didn't occur to me to say. I will remember in future. @PorkButt and Cheese Boy, I think I am going for gurnards, tubfish too. I think the white underside of the fish disappeared into the ice and made it look more like a ratfish shape than it really is. Thanks Quine for tips on what to do with it. Thanks everyone. As ever, I have enjoyed it.

              I attach yesterday's picture of gurnard below - and the boat it came off.

              1. re: Foodlexi

                No problem -- I'd actually written a response assuming Italy (I tend to be Eurocentric, too), then realized that it might or might not be.