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Feb 23, 2011 08:07 AM

A little bit of Hawaii in Tampa

Has anyone else tried the food truck on South Dale Mabry in Tampa called Da Kine? It's been there a year and serves Hawaiian local food. It's about as authentic as you're going to get around here. See more here:

BTW, any theories on why we don't have more food trucks around here? Miami seems to have a growing food-truck scene.

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  1. I have no answer to your question, but thanks for the article. I have driven by that truck 100 times, and have always been curious.

    1. I've eaten there, wasn't expecting much but was really wowed at how tasty the food was. Wife and I had the combo, I believe it was ribs, pork and chicken? (could be wrong). I recall that the ribs reminded me of Korean BBQ Gal Bi. Comes with rice and perhaps something else.

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        That something else was probably the macaroni salad. That's about all they have for sides. Next time, try the shave ice. It's the closest thing to a New Orleans style sno ball you'll find in Tampa (though you can get them at Beach Sno Balls in Treasure Island, too)

      2. We grabbed a bite to eat from these guys the other day...

        I picked up the combo plate (ribs, chicken, steak, w/rice and macaroni salad), and it was pretty good. The servings were pretty hefty, and the chicken and steak were good. The best part were the ribs. They're sliced thinly (through the bone), and are cooked in a soy/bbq sauce mixture.

        We'll be going back to get more grub from them.