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Feb 23, 2011 07:58 AM

purim seudah reccomendations

Does anyone have any fun menu / recipe suggestions ? Its our turn to host the whole family for purim and we are looking for something different.

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  1. who is your crowd and how much drinking is going on?

    1. Here are some that we have done:
      Breakfast for Dinner
      Persian Feast
      Foods that begin with the letters in the word "Purim"

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        I once attended a Purim seudah that was a backwards meal . . . starting from tea and dessert, and working its way back (though we did have to really start with motzi, obviously).

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          We've done the backwards seudah at my kids' school is a lot of fun for them especially since we're always nagging them to finish their food before they get dessert. I've always wanted to do a Foods in Disguise theme, but I'm usually too exhausted to pull off anything elaborate for the seudah. The thought behind it is to serve foods that do not taste the way they are supposed to look. Salad that looks like salad but tastes like dessert, dessert that looks like dessert but tastes like chicken etc. Perhaps when I retire :)

          1. re: mamaleh

            The Shabbat before Purim a few years ago, I did a disguised food meal. I made a meatloaf cake "frosted" with mashed potatos to look like chocolate cake with vanilla frosting; fake crab sushi salad (basically pollack with rice, avocado, soy sauce, cucumber) as an appetizer. Dessert was vanilla ice cream (Soy delicious) rolled in nestle quik powder made to look like a baked potato. There were other elements that I'm totally forgetting at this point.

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              I did the same for the seuda a few years ago. Also did the meatloaf cake. Dessert was mini muffins that looked like meatballs, on top of white frosting piped to look like spaghetti, topped with jelly or cherry pie filling as the sauce. My shaloch manos that year was a tray of fake sushi (cake wrapped with fruit roll-ups, "rice" made of a coconut base, etc.). One recipient called me that night to say how shocked she was when she realized what it was. She had put it in the fridge and then went to eat it, thinking it was actually real sushi!

              1. re: queenscook

                I found a picture of the "meatballs and spaghetti."

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                    I have seen cupcakes decorated with "meatballs and spaghetti." adorable!

        2. If you're going to be a large group, a taco setup could be really fun. You could do different fillings and shells/tortillas with a bunch of different toppings.

          Some filling ideas:
          - sliced skirt steak (can marinate in tequila for a purim theme)
          - sliced grilled chicken
          - cubes of grilled or baked tofu
          - fried fish in seasoned breading
          - taco mix (ground beef or turkey sauteed with onions and seasonings)
          - portobello mushroom strips

          Topping ideas:
          - grilled/sauteed peppers and onions
          - black beans
          - salsa (red, green, fresh fruit...)
          - red cabbage slaw
          - pickles- radishes, jalepenos, carrots
          - guacamole

          Trader Joe's has tons of different types and flavors of tortillas - most of them are parve. You can set those out along with hard taco shells and a tray of hot sauces and parve sour cream. Seems like a ton of prep, but a lot can be done in advance and the steak/chicken/tofu can be served at room temp.

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          1. re: cheesecake17

            Dont forget to do a turkey and mushroom filling (add in some taco seasoning) and some fesh baby spinich for a topping. AMAZING. Can you guess what we are havng for tonight's dinner? :)

            1. re: Prettypoodle

              That sounds really good!! Do you use ground turkey?

          2. You guys are way too creative for me! The best I ever did was cashing in on the "dag" theme for Adar and making boatloads of homemade kosher sushi. Our shul always did a Chinese buffet; I can see the bar has been raised!