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Good Donuts in RDU/Triangle ?

Are there any good donuts to be had in the Triangle area? I'm not talking about Krispy Kreme. Has anyone tried the new Doughnette truck based in Carrboro?

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  1. I don't even know about the doughnette truck - very interested though. Can you tell me where it is?

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      I was hoping someone else knew something more. All I heard was that I think it debuted a week or two ago over in Carrboro.

      1. re: brsmith2

        I'm out of town right now, have you tried googling it? I'm with you - hope someone knows more.

          1. re: panthur

            I thought "aha, I'll contact them and find out" but I don't have (or want) a twitter account, and that seems to be the only way. However, it does say something about them being at Deep Dish one night, so maybe their parked near the back of Carrmill mall?

            1. re: LulusMom

              Deep Dish Theatre is in University Mall - it's a small mall and we like it that way.

              Now playing at Deep Dish - through March 12th
              Superior Donuts - From the Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winning author of August: Osage County comes this delicious comedy about an unlikely friendship between an aging radical and his young African American employee.

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                I went to see Superior Donuts at the Deep Dish Theatre last night! Thought it was great. The setting is a donut shop. And, they sold Doughnette Donuts and coffee at intermission. I thought it was so cool - the play being about life (just based in a donut shop), with donuts at intermission.

                Now, about the doughnuts. They were OK, but actually tasted just a bit old. The Doughnette people weren't there (or at least to my knowledge). The doughnuts and coffee were being sold by the theatre people. I think my standards for doughnuts are pretty high, because I'm constantly on a quest for the best donuts! I don't like KK, can take-or-leave DD, but really like the more local type donut places.

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                  D'oh! of course. I was thinking of the comedy place in Carr Mill.

                  anyway, given wintersummer's report it doesn't sound as if the doughnuts are worth worrying about.

                  1. re: LulusMom

                    My doughnut at DeepDish just tasted a bit old - I'd really like to try fresh Doughnettes and see what there are like. I'd love to have good doughnuts here in town!

                    1. re: wintersummer

                      yes don't blame Doughnette if Deep Dish bought them days before.... I'm looking for their truck; I'd love great doughnuts too!

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                  Well carpe Durham usually keeps up with the food trucks. But I can ask them for info with my account.

          2. Daylight Donuts in Raleigh and Cary - IMHO much better than DD or KK.

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              I agree. There is a Daylight off Creedmoor in North Raleigh. They are not open on Mondays, though, so be warned.


              1. re: panthur

                wonderful Carrboro; I've got to try them!

                1. re: Rory

                  The buttermilk doughnut muffins at Scratch bakery in Durham are REALLY hard to beat.

                  1. re: ToothTooth

                    I agree that Sctratch doughnut muffins are fantastic. The regular flavor are better than the chocolate. However at $2 each buying a dozen is not something I'd do. This is why we need a real doughnut shop in Durham! Daylight are the best for the $ and taste.

              2. re: boaviagem

                My high school Sunday school teacher brought 3 dozen Daylight donut holes to class each week. He'd been buying them for so long both to take to work and to church, they eventually stopped charging him for the Sunday box. Thanks for the happy flashback!

              3. Well there use to be a Fractured Prune in.. Cary but I think they closed. As far as the doughnut muffins, they are good, but can be replicated at home fairly easily. Never used Daylight. I hear the beignets at Rue Cler brunch are great and well they are technically a doughnut right? I'd say we could use a Tim Horton's down here but they are more or less like Dunkin.

                What makes for a good doughnut then? Maybe we can convince Mark Israel (Doughnut Plant) to move back down to Raleigh?

                Rue Cler Restaurant
                401 E Chapel Hill St, Durham, NC 27701

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                  The beignets at Rue Cler are absolutely awesome.

                  Rue Cler Restaurant
                  401 E Chapel Hill St, Durham, NC 27701

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                    Love the beignets at Rue Cler!
                    BTW, I bumped into a red velvet donut by Sweet Jane today and it was a pleasing one, more toward the cake donut side though. 1.39 each.
                    The barista told me they just started to sell donuts today, and I didn't see info on donut when I checked SJ's website.

                    Rue Cler Restaurant
                    401 E Chapel Hill St, Durham, NC 27701

                    1. re: saragirl

                      Who or what is Sweet Lady Jane? A red velvet donut sounds fantastic.

                      1. re: panthur

                        Below is what I found on google,
                        Sweet Jane's Bakery
                        4823 Meadow Dr, Suite115, Durham, NC 27713-9208
                        (919) 544-1313 ‎
                        Has anyone been there? Looks like they mainly make pastry for coffee shops and do special orders.

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                            Hey anyone know where the Doughnette truck is? I'm dying to find it, I live in Carrboro & want my fresh doughnut:)

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                              The donuts at the Main St Grille in Wake Forest are excellent. All are homemade there at the bakery, the apple cider ones are great, I can't remember all the ones I have sampled, but there was a great buttermilk flavored one that was great.

                              1. re: Rory

                                I just tried googling them again, and all I got was "location: Chapel Hill" (I thought they were supposed to be in Carrboro). They're doing a darned bad job of helping themselves get business by not helping us find them.

                                1. re: LulusMom

                                  That's because the Doughnette truck doesn't quite exist yet. Mary is testing out recipes at various venues around the area. I'll ask her what's coming up next.

                                  1. re: sisterbeer

                                    oh okay SB , that's seems weird to tell people about it & then try out recipes, but hey tell Mary to come to Carrboro!

                                    fyi; Saturday by Al's Garage all the Carrboro food trucks will be gathered from 4-7...

                      2. Not really RDU/Triangle but the buttermilk donuts (99 cent each) made by saxaphaw general store are really good...

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                        1. re: saragirl

                          as are the molasses ones. Also Tasty Bakery in Graham and D'Allesandros in Mebane both have good glazed donuts

                          1. re: brokegradstudent

                            Tried to google D'Allesandros and didn't find the add. Do they have website or store info web page? Thanks for sharing.

                            1. re: saragirl

                              Yeah, that was my fault. It is actually Distefano's. I should have looked. It is on Mebane Oaks road near the intersection of 40/85, just outside of the plaza with Lowe's foods.

                              Bear claws are also good there. Coffee is so-so.

                        2. If we're going further away from the Triangle, the doughnuts at Sandra's in Sanford are great.


                          1. This is sort of a different question but in the realm of doughnuts. Does anyone remember ever going to a mall and seeing like a set up doughnut making machine that would make small powdered sugar doughnuts. I seem to remember them popping up now and again at small mall areas may be for raising money.. but I've not seen them in ages. Just curious..

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                              Mini-donuts! The first time I had these wsa at the Canadian National Exhibiton in Toronto.

                              They have them every year at the NC State Fair.

                              Also see http://www.yummyminies.com and http://www.yelp.com/biz/yummy-minies-...
                              to see where you can get them in NC when it's not state fair time.

                              1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                                Many of the small town arts and crafts fairs have a booth with one of these. Although in recent years I have seen the spiral cut potato chip on a skewer seeming to take over some of their turf.

                                If I may skew the thread just a little bit, does anybody know of a donut shop in the Triangle that makes old fashioned apple fritters? My preferences are: A big doughy, slightly flattened monstrosity, bigger than any one person should rationally eat. Real chunks of apples in the batter. Cooked dark and crispy on the outside, but moist inside. Coated with sugar glaze. Sweet Traditions in Cary was my only supplier before they closed shop. Now I am bereft and disconsolate.

                                1. re: klmonline

                                  I wonder if some place that has a German Slant to it would do those... or maybe even J. Betskis but as a shop.. I do not have any information.

                              2. Has anyone tried Monuts Donuts, the new doughnut bike out of Durham? Looks promising.

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                                  1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                                    debuts on saturday at brew durham. lindsay is giving away free donuts this morning in front of the carolina theatre.

                                  2. re: brsmith2

                                    Monuts has a trial run today giving away free donuts in downtown Durham this morning and a good friend of mine got to sample them and said they were DELICIOUS! I believe Monuts has her trike near the Durham Farmer's Market on Saturdays. Here's her website:

                                    Farmer's Market Cafe
                                    63 Chattahoochee St, Helen, GA 30545

                                      1. re: tsands

                                        monuts donuts are fabulous! I don't even like donuts--or I didn't, until I tried monuts! The chocolate frosted is delicious. not too sweet--but sweet enough! I hope that they are wildly successful!


                                        1. re: southernpartheaven

                                          I finally tried Sandra's (Sanford) and they were pretty good, if not terribly exciting. They do a lot of different varieties. Worth checking out if you're in that area.

                                          I also tried Monuts recently. They do some nice gourmet/interesting flavors. Not my favorite donuts ever (a little tough/chewy), but quite good.

                                    1. In Durham, Guglhupf on Saturday mornings has Berliners. They used to make them only in the fall, but I think now they have them every Saturday morning throughout the year.

                                      1. A new (at least new to me) donut shop opened up in Cary. Baker's Dozen Donuts in the South Hills Mall (same strip mall as Grand Asia Market, although separate building).

                                        Not at all fancy or gourmet, but really good freshly made donuts. We had a donut taste-off for my husband's birthday--- a bunch of donuts from Rise in Durham compared to Baker's Dozen. Baker's Dozen came out on top. Buttermilk donuts particularly good. And their apple fritter is awesome. Best apple fritter I've ever had. I am still daydreaming about the apple fritter....

                                        Nice locally owned, independent bakery. Check it out next time you go to Grand Asia Market.

                                        ETA: I should note that this place is no frills. More of an old-fashioned donut shop. No gourmet flavors or innovative combinations like Rise. But all in all, I thought their donuts were better.

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                                        1. re: greeneggsnham

                                          Yes, the donuts are good here. I have some photos up, you can see some of the selections: http://demandy.com/bakers-dozen-2/

                                          1. re: panthur

                                            Heads up for Hannukah, Weaver St usually bakes fab jelly doughnuts (my inner grammarian refuses to write donut)
                                            and it's also thanksgiving....too weird to really mix the two.

                                        2. Monuts Donuts in downtown Durham on Parrish St is absolutely delicious

                                          1. In Wake Forest, Main Street Grille has unbelievably incredible donuts. They are a bit pricey but they're worth it for a once in a blue moon indulgence. Absolutely worth going off the diet for if you're in the area.


                                            They also recently opened a pizza/Italian restaurant a bit further north in Wake Forest off of 98 which is also really good.

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                                            1. re: Erika RollerGirl

                                              I don't remember the price, but all their baked goods are terrific. Just don't go on a weekend morning unless you're prepared to wait in a long line.
                                              Their food is pretty good, too, but the baked goods are the standout.
                                              NB: Try the buttermilk doughnut.

                                              1. re: rockycat

                                                The good thing is that the line moves pretty fast and it gives you time to look at all the choices before you get to order. The bad thing is that you may lose out on that heavenly donut you were secretly eyeing whilst waiting patiently in line for other customers to order. ;)