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Feb 23, 2011 07:47 AM

BBC - Spice Trail

For anyone who can access it, there's a new series on BBC called The Spice Trail. It features a couple of different spices each week and provides historical background on its trade through the modern era and shows where and how they're grown, prepared for market and sold on the wholesale market. The first week covered peppercorns and cinnamon. Overall just "good" as far as program content but the background on pepper growers and the modern pepper trade was fascinating.

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  1. Is there any advertising blurb at the end about the availability of the series on DVD?

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    1. re: shallots

      Wasn't paying attention. I know that BBC's online on-demand service is rolling out to the US this summer (cost unknown) so there's that.

    2. I enjoyed the programme as weel - but then I'm of the age to enjoy anything with Kate Humble in it. Call me cheap, shallow and, probably, sexist - you won't hear a complaint.


        For those only able to follow along via the site. Fabulous show!

        1. BBC America needs a few shows like this one. Perhaps lose the some of the Star Treck. And cut Ramsay down from six hours a day to four, There's plenty of room for an interesting show like this.

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            On a related issue, Kate Humble did a programme at Christmas following the "Frankincense Trail" - following the likely route it would have followed from harvesting in Oman to its arrival in Palestine in the Bible story. Well worth watching if it comes your way.