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Feb 23, 2011 07:07 AM

Josey Baker's sourdough? Free bread party tonight at Mission Pie (2/23/11)

The bread is available Tues, Wed and Thurs at

*Gravel & Gold, Tues & Thurs during the day (3266 21st St @ Valencia)
*Mission Pie, Wednesday evening (2901 Mission @ 25th)
*Amnesia, Tues & Thurs evening (853 Valencia St, b/w 19th & 20th)

Although you can buy a single loaf it seems he does CSB (Community Supported Bread). You pay $20 a month and get a loaf a week. There's a Josey Baker's dozen if you sign up for 13 weeks ($60)

I'm not sure how often he does this, but recently he used the wood fired oven at bake a batch. He seems to bake some bread using the ovens at Mission Bread on Wednesday.

Tonight he is giving away 100 loaves of bread from 5-8 pm (or as long as they last) at Mission Pie

black pepper parmesan
olive levain
seed feast levain
cinnamon raisin
whole wheat levain

I am really digging the blog. He seems ... dare I say it ... old school Chowhound. It was a joy to read his visit to a great bread baker in Vermont where he downs half of a one pound loaf in the drive way of the bakery. He photos the bread baking and writes "look at these gorgeous chubby beauties in the oven, just getting all hot and excited"

If his bread matches his passion, I see a real bakery in his future.

The photos look good on the website. Anyone tried it?

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  1. Wow, those look great. Saw this too late to swing by.

    1. Thanks RW. This is knockout good bread, and Josey's a sweet guy. I've had both the walnut sourdough and this week's cinnamon raisin and have had to ration the slices.

      They are not perfectly formed like Acme levain. But they have a tangy flavor and wonderful chewiness, and you are buying them from the guy who baked them the hour before.

      He's away next week, but will be at Mission Pie Wednesdays and Thursdays with hot bread from 5 on. No need to pre-order if you get there early enough.

      Mission Pie
      2901 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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      1. re: Windy

        I tried Josey's bread last night at an event. Gosh, guys, this is great stuff--36 hour fermentation, and you can taste it in the flavor-loaded crumb. He's using a mix of white and wheat organic flour from Central Milling up in Petaluma (the company the Giusto's established after they sold Giusto's in SSF).

        It seems like this is a golden age for bread in San Francisco (I'm thinking particularly of Tartine's crust and Thoroughbread's gorgeous teff miche), and this feisty start-up connects that narrative to the DIY/food cart trend.

        He's baking right now at Mission Pie and Pizzaiolo, and selling through his bread CSA and at Mission Pie. Details on how to purchase:

        5008 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

        Mission Pie
        2901 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

        1. re: pane

          I'm having a slice of Josey's Wonder Bread for breakfast. It's a tangy sourdough shaped into a sandwich loaf, with a crusty exterior and spongy middle. Amazing stuff.

          Whole wheat levain with seeds is probably still my favorite, but nothing has the texture of Wonder Bread.

      2. Picked up my first "installment" of Josey's bread this morning - the seed feast levain - and ya, it's great stuff. Nice, resilient crumb with a tasty, slightly charred crust - reminds me of the pane pugliese from my old favorite when I still lived in Manhattan, Sullivan Street Bakery.

        1. FYI: Josey Baker is going to be on vacation in Southeast Asia the entire month of Sept & Oct 2011, back in the US Nov 12, so should have bread by Thanksgiving.

          His blog: