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Feb 23, 2011 06:48 AM

Oil for woods in the kitchen

Searched, but didn't find a definitive answer to the following question. What oil do you use for your knife handles, pot handles, other wooden items like pepper mills?

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  1. For knife handles, I use tung oil (without addicitives). I don't oil my pepper mill.

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      I've used tung, orange, and mineral oils. Tung will bring out the color the most. Orange will give it a nice smell and a slightly darker color than mineral oil.

      I personally like tung oil, but I also like a combo of mineral and orange oil.

      Btw, get some fine grit sand paper and sand your wood down before you oil it. It gives it a nice feel. Some people also sand with the oil on the wood. Some others heat the oil before applying it.

      Just stay away from natural/vegie/olive oils. I know orange oil is natural, but it doesn't go rancid as other oils do. I just sanded down a board where the person used olive oil on it, and it was a mess.

    2. Food grade mineral oil. Right now, I have a bottle of a gel I got at Home Depot called Howard Butcher Block Conditioner. It is mineral oil and "natural waxes" and works very well.

      1. If I oil something, I use Mineral Oil from the drugstore but heat it slightly in the microwave so it thins out and goes on easily. Cheap and effective.

        1. I use a combo from Tree Spirit, it is a mixture of bee's wax and food grade mineral oil. It does a good job. I use it on my kitchen table, chairs and on my cabinets after I clean them.

          1. Mineral oil works fine, you can get USP mineral oil at the drug store. You can mix it with parifin or beeswax to get a bit more water proff finish. These work exceptionally well for cutting boards and could be used on knife hanles or other handles as well. Another product that provides a little harder finish but is food safe is Bleen's Salid Bowl Finish, you can get it at Lowe's and probably HD, it's a harder finish than mineral oil and will provide a hint of shine. This would probably be better for woden peper mills as it doesn't penetrate as seeply as mineral or tung oil and provides a harder finish. It would also work on knife handles and other woden kitchen items. I don't recommend it for cutting boards as it is more of a surface finish.