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Feb 23, 2011 05:20 AM

NY Subway Will Be Closing After This Weekend - Building to Be Torn Down

Long before Burrito Boys, Chino Loco, and the like there was New York Subway. Fusion burritos some very simple liek the chicken satay, other with Indian influences. My favorite over the years has been the Eggplant (it is a taste experience like no other). Whether you like eggplant or not you will have trouble not loving this burrito. The place doesn't look like much but the food is incredible. Throughout the last 15 years of my life I have had the joy of bringing friend's there for the first first time and watch them fall in love with the food. Next too enjoying good food the best thing is sharing it with others as we do here on Chowhound. So that is why I share this with you today. Sadly the building is in quite disrepair and the owner of the building will tear start tearing it down next week. At this time it is unclear if they will reopen. I can only hope.

New York Subway
520 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

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  1. NOOOOO!!
    I love New York Subway. I know many people that will be devastated by this news. I really hope they are able to reopen somewhere.

    1. what a shame! the convenience store on the corner was all boarded up and i wasn't sure what was going on there. i will have to get my last fixes of lamb, cauliflower and/or eggplant. well, darn.

      1. I'm so sad... :(
        But thanks for the heads-up; must go for one last lamb satay sub and a grilled cheese before they close.
        I also hope they will reopen.

        1. That is very very sad. NYS is a T.O institution and one of the very first places that kind of opened my eyes to the possibilities of great food that could be found in non-chain establishments. It, alongise some other establishments awakened my love of food so many years ago.

          1. I am heartbroken at the demise of Queen St W. Big Bop, the original Amato's, it's just horrible that hipsters have invaded Bovine and now this. Dino thanks for your awesome food and years of service!!! Goodbye Chicken Satay Burritos!

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            1. re: loubie

              Yeah, Dino...I used to think he was unfriendly until I got to know him. He's really a nice guy who always took great care to produce consistently delicious subs/burritos.

              1. re: loubie

                AGREED on all points. I miss Q&B the way it was ten years ago.

                Really sad about this. I'm coming back to Toronto on Monday... I wonder if it'll still be open in time for one last cauliflower burrito.