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Feb 23, 2011 05:09 AM

Seeking NOLA places using local, seasonal, organic, sustainably-raised ingredients?

I am looking for tips on restaurants/cafes in New Orleans (preferably French Quarter, CBD, Garden District, Warehouse District, or walking distance from those) that use local, seasonal ingredients, preferably organic, and that use sustainably-raised/fished meat, poultry, dairy, seafood, etc.

Any ideas?!

Thanks so much...

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  1. Many of the big and middle known fine dining restaurants serve SOME local, seasonal and often organic ingredients.

    Sustainably-raised can be somewhat of a slippery term. Locally I think much of the goat/goat products are pasture produced. I haven't heard about poultry but would expect that there are some suppliers in S. LA. I'd put all local seafood down as being sustainable. It is all wild and nothing threatened. The one exception would be catfish which is almost all farmed raised although there are some fishers who do trot lines in various rivers/bayous.

    I think most good restaurants will tell you the source of their raw materials.

    1. a lot of the chefs are using local, seasonal ingredients these days.not sure about organic or sustainable. but i would definitely check out what chris debarr at green goddess is doing, and john besh and donald link at their restaurant empires. check out the publication Edible New Orleans, it may have some answers.

      1. Link group (Herbsaint, Cochon, Butcher) list where all their stuff is from:

        Dante's Kitchen has a chalkboard that lists all their local products right when you walk in.

        And the Crescent City and Hollygrove Farmers Markets websites list restaurants that get some of their products from them:

        930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA 70130

        Dante's Kitchen
        736 Dante Street, New Orleans, LA 70118

        1. For seafood, you might want to look for restaurants doing talipia. While both shrimp and crabs can be farm-raised, I am not sure if there are any/many such operations in New Orleans. We have shrimp being farmed in the desert of AZ, and of course shrimp in the ponds on the North Shore of O`ahu are common.

          Good luck, and seems that you have some good possibilities here.


          1. Thanks guys, these tips are very helpful!

            I made a Dinevore list here: -- I'll keep it updated if I find new places...