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Feb 23, 2011 01:03 AM

Five Guys Now Open in Pelham Manor

Just went to the Five Guys in Pelham Manor tonight and it was great. I know that some people like to hate on this place, but personally I think they have great fries and burgers. Sure I would prefer my burger medium rare, but these burgers will do just fine when I need a burger fix. The fries were cooked just right. It was pretty crowded and the manager (owner?) came by a few times and was super friendly and welcoming. He even offered to throw our trash out for us! And they employeed tons of workers! At least 14 were back there and the place is not that large. They could have been training them, but it kept the line moving rather quickly. I will be back for sure.

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  1. Why not do a pub burger? And don't say 5G is fast, I hear the average wait time for a burger is 15 minutes, and can be as long as 30. I guess it takes a long time to cook it well-well-well done!

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      I do "do" pub burgers. And I do diner burgers. And I do high end burgers. And I do chains like Five Guys. Plain and simple; I like the burger. And you "hear" the average wait time is as long as 30 minutes at times? So you have never even been to a Five Guys and you are commenting on it?? Well, you are mistaken, the most we usually wait is 6-10 minutes. I have NEVER waited 30 minutes.

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          I know - I replied to the original post.

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            It is not the same conversation. That thread was about Five Guys in White Plains, this is about one opening in Pelham Manor. And no need for an attitude. If you don't like this thread topic, why bother posting?

            1. re: chloe4ever

              LOL! That thread is about a 5 Guys that hasn't even opened!

              So, where is this new 5 Guys? Anywhere near the new Fairway?

              1. re: Elisa515

                It is near the new Fairway. It is just across the street, in the plaza where BJ's is located.

                1. re: chloe4ever

                  Fantastic, thanks! Makes it easy to find and gives another option when shopping at Fairway. My son and I had a nice lunch there, but it's a little awkward having it in the middle of the store--do you eat before you shop and then have to go outside the store to get a cart, do you keep your cart half-filled (with some perishables) while eating...anyway, it's not a huge problem but being able to stop at 5 Guys and go to Fairway not very hungry is a plus!

                  1. re: Elisa515

                    You are welcome! And I completely understand about eating in the middle of Fairway! I have done both! Ate with the cart and ate without the cart and then went to get one later. Five Guys is a welcome addition to the area.

            2. re: wincountrygirl

              Win, They don't get it! Don't you wish you could put all of the 5G threads in a 5G Folder? At least I don't have to wait until I go skiing past exit 59 anymore I guess...

              1. re: cubanat

                Take the high road......

                Back to the thread discussion.....