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Feb 22, 2011 07:28 PM

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Recommendations near Casa de Campo, La Romana?

My family is getting a house for two weeks in Casa de Campo which, as it appears to me at least, is a sort of self-contained private community. There are some benefits to that, but in culinary terms I would like to head out of the resort occasionally to try some of the true local cuisine. Any recommendations are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Hello mahjede

    We definitely have excellent dining options in the hotel, we have La CaƱa by Il Circo, The Beach Club by Le Cirque, where you can enjoy mediterranean cuisine, La Casita where seafood is an specialty also Lago Grill, La Piazzetta, Chinois, you'll have over 14 different options to suit your palate plus room or villa service.
    If you are renting through the hotel, prior to your arrival and throughout your stay, the Concierge is available to you 24-hours to provide information on local attractions/dining and assist with any reservations. Also as a reminder, as a guest of the hotel you received discounted golf rates!! Check out the new Jim McLean Golf School.. .and during a two week visit, you can learn to play!

    We'll work hard to make your two weeks vacation a wonderful experience, for any further assistance you can contact us directly through our website

    Netfri Garrido

    1. Hello Mahjede,

      My name is Rebecca Hughes and I am the editor of Casa de Campo's online magasine

      There are a number of nice restaurants in the La Romana area (just 5 or 10 mins outside of CDC), if you click on the links below you can see our 'reviews' on restaurants both in CDC and La Romana:

      I hope you find our website useful!

      1. thank you so much for your help, but perhaps i should be a bit more clear. i am specifically looking for hole in the wall, local eateries. i am excited to try several of the options listed below and a few others that i've heard, but i am really trying to find a few places that are off the beaten path (perhaps in bahahibe?). i will forgo worries regarding health, sanitation, safety etc. for the local joints.

        Also, mr. Garrido, we are not staying within any hotel, but have a house within the community so I am not sure what pertains to us as far as the hotel's amenities, but thank you for your suggestions.

        1. 27 years ago I lived for 2 years at Casa De Campo and at that time not far away there was a great but basic place very near(on the water) at Bayahibe beach that specialised in local delicous lobster and french fries washed down with ice cold presidente beer does anyone know if it is still there ?