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Feb 22, 2011 06:25 PM

korean bbq on central av.

been there twice already, they are combining the space with yoberry (or whatever it is) and what was yoberry will now be korean market. have had chicken skewers twice/ w a spicy red sauce. they are still working on both the store and the recipes, mostly for heat. usually i don't ask for more heat as i prefer only moderately hot (spicy). they upped it for me the first time and preferred it that way, also tried bulgosi and pork ribs, all very good, also as i wanted to try more things, they worked w/me got 2 instead of 3 ribs and 3 instead of four skewers. really think it is a strong addn. to the area and even westchester. try it and let me know what you think. btw as i said they were very acccomodating and nice about my order, which is a definite +

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  1. I think you might get more response if you say what part of NYS your Central Ave. is.

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      291-293 Central Ave, White Plains, New York - (914) 328-0251

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        Thanks, but unless it's in the subject header, it's not likely to garner responses, hoping the OP will note that for future posts. NYS outside of NYC is a big area with lots of Central Aves. :-)

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          That's the wrong address. That's the address for Kalbi House, not the new Waba in Scarsdale.

      2. Got take-out from there last night.

        We wanted bulgogi, but they were out and subbed kalbi for it (fine with us). The presentation was lovely with the kalbi slices fanned out over the rice. Our grilled veggie side (we had a choice of "cooked or raw") consisted of red-skinned potatoes, carrots, and (I think) taro or yellow sweet potato. They were cooked and seasoned well and dressed with parsley and what appeared and tasted like Parmesan cheese. The kalbi was well-marinated and pretty lean with five good-sized slices per order.

        They were out of bibimbop, which was disappointing. We were given a bit of kimchee on our plates, an unexpected palate cleanser that I always enjoy.

        Husband wanted to try the ribs, chicken skewers, and wings. The wings (that I did not try) were served with a lot of carrot and celery sticks as well as a bleu cheese dressing. He seemed to enjoy them.

        He really liked the ribs. We both declared them lean and moist. He thought they were spicy (which he loves) and finished his portion quickly. I thought the sauce was good but a little too sweet. There didn't seem to be an overwhelming amount of heat, but you could taste chili powder and maybe some cayenne as well as a nice shot of vinegar and tomato.

        The chicken on the skewers was coated in the same sauce as the ribs. The chicken appeared to be breast meat, but was as tender as thigh meat. I wish there was a little more char on the skewers, though.

        The owner was so accommodating, as you said. He said the next time we order, we should specify if we wanted things a little differently, like spicier or sweeter. He said he had a lot of ideas he wanted to try. We were hesitant to try the nontraditional items like the tacos and quesadillas, but we probably will next time. Who knows, maybe Korea-Mex will be the next big thing.

        1. I was there last night. the owner is very accommodating and trying hard to please. Maybe too much so. He told me that a customer thought his food was too spicy, so he dumbed it down. So much so that the three dishes I got; kalbi, pork bulgogi, and the spicy wings; were boring and sweet with zero spice, and no Korean flavors to them.

          I am going to suggest that he stay more autherntic with the flavors, r else he won't have me as a customer.

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            I agree. I was expecting it to be a more traditional experience, despite the eclectic menu. When we order again, we will be specific about the flavor profile we're seeking. It would be a shame not to go back when they're trying so hard to please.

            For me, the BBQ glaze was frustratingly sweet. The acid, heat, and tomato flavor were definitely present as well, but the sweetness hurt my teeth.

          2. Where on Central (Yonkers? Scarsdale? White Plains?) is this? It sounds very interesting.

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              I went again, but was even more disappointed. It is at 760 Central Park Ave, in Scarsdale, just north of Ardsley Rd. I really wanted to like this place. I am a big fan of authentic Korean food. The owner is very nice and accommodating. BUT, the food is very toned down and not authentic Korean. No appropriate spicing, very sweet, over cooked and dry meats. I tried all the Korean style dishes, and the "spicy" wings. The wings were baked, and overcooked until hard on the outside, and a bit mushy inside with a steamed texture, sweet, and not anywhere in a realm that could be called spicy. With two excellent Korean restaurants on Central Ave, having a place like this that doesn't know what it wants to be is foolish. And I don't get the hamburgers and tacos. American/Korean/Mexican faux cuisine? My advice to the owner is, make authentic food, with authentic techniques, and you will do great. But skip the dumbed down food, it's boring, and just plain not good.

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                I was actually hoping we would end up with a Bon Chon instead.

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                  I would LOVE a Bon Chon chicken in Westchester!