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Feb 22, 2011 06:19 PM

Cafecito Organico... not just coffee

After reading the epic LA coffee thread, I visited Cafecito Organico (on Heliotrope in Silverlake) to see if the coffee stood up to some of the best I've had in LA. Surprisingly, I had a great latte (texture and preparation of the milk and taste of the espresso bean/roast they use are all excellent... definitely worth putting on the map to revisit) with really friendly service. The biggest surprise was their selection of baked doughnuts!! The maple walnut doughnut I tried was excellent!! Slightly dry at first bite but the inside definitely delivered the moist and buttery undertones you'd expect from a doughnut without the heavy oil. The maple and walnut flavor was light and not too sweet. A definite must try if you are looking for a lighter alternative to the classic doughnut.

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  1. Love the place. Already Intelligentsia is a bit too big and corporate, and the service at LA Mill.... well, calling it awful would be kind.
    Cafecito still has time to explain the differences in the beans, techniques, or just talk Lakers.
    Their other location has Heirloom, but I haven't seen doughnuts yet.

    1. The coffee is terrific and the space is really cute. Way less 'tude and way more wallet friendly than any of the hoity toity Silver Lake coffee destinations. We had two salads from the limited menu. They were enormous and really good. They have a couple excellent sounding sandwiches too. Down to earth and comfortable.

      1. Thanks for the posting I'm going to be in town soon and was wondering if there was something better than Intelligentsia that only the Coffee Snobs know about.

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          You should also check Proof Bakery/Cognoscenti Coffee in Atwater Village. I'm not a coffee snob, but the coffee, espresso drinks, and baked goods are top notch.

          3156 Glendale Blvd
          Los Angeles, CA 90039

          1. re: chinchi

            That's a good rec too. Check out their machines at Proof. Really beautiful.

        2. linking ...

          Cafecito Orgánico
          534 N Hoover St, Los Angeles, CA 90004

          Cafecito Orgánico
          710 N Heliotrope Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90029