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Feb 22, 2011 05:31 PM

Easy pizza at home?

I love pizza and would love to make good pizza at home without the trouble and mess of making my own pizza dough. What would CH's recommend for an easy fix. Should I buy Boboli's (have never tried them), should I buy TJ's pizza dough and bake it myself...or is there another easy solution. Should I buy a pizza stone...if so, what kind? In essence, how should I get started in making good pizza at home without too much trouble or mess.

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  1. I've been experimenting with pizza for a while now since we got our new "Big Green Egg" my husband bought me the pizza stone for my Bday. I usually make my own pizza dough since its just so much easier theres lots of good recipes around, you just have to get in there and start playing with it, I "LOVE" the Pizza Stone and I do think it makes a big difference in the crust so I would reccomend that, I know for years we made pizza in the oven without a stone and the the pizza was always just so so, now its Amazing. It just takes a couple of minutes to throw the dough together in a food processor or a kitchen aide mixer.

    1. Start with TJ dough... some day, when you have some time, make some dough (bunches of threads on this). Do get a stone (and keep in in the oven, it will make it cook everything more evenly). At some point you will get hooked. And realize it's easier to make the dough than stop on TJ's. And that pizza is a great way to use up leftover cheese, meat, and veggies at the end of the week. Then pretty soon you will have your own starter, lovingly named blob.

      1. The pre-made crusts are fast, but it will never give you good pizza.

        If you've got freezer space you can make big batches of dough, roll them out to the right size, and freeze them between layers of saran wrap (I use a sheet of cardboard on the bottom so they freeze flat). Then you can pry off a layer when you want it, and by the time you've added the toppings it will be ready to cook.

        If you like doing pizza often, you can make things easier by maki your own sauce, again in batches, and freezing individual pizza sized portions. You can also prep and freeze individual pizza sized portions of meat (after buying a package of salami, or pre-cooking Italian sausage), which is particularly useful if you're in a hurry, or cooking for one person).

        1. Definitely get a pizza stone. And use tortillas as your crust- if you're gonna go the pre-made route, that's the only thing worth your hard earned money. The suggestion of making your own and freezing it is your best and most rewarding option, but tortilla pizzas have the most crispy crust and take minutes to cook.

          1. Your first problem is that you don't think making dough is worth the trouble. But it is.

            Accepting that limitation- pizza stone is worth it. For a crisp thin crust, soft lavash is a great easy way to go. For smaller personal pizzas, fresh naan is great. We use the naan from TJ's for lunches for the kiddos.