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Feb 22, 2011 03:45 PM

San Antonio Recommendations

Hello all, looking for recommendations on my first visit to San Antonio.

Will be there for work this coming weekend for 4 days and trying to find out what places have good authentic food and quality craft beer- the more local the better.
Open for most types of food, I guess whatever San Antonio may do best.

Thanks a lot.

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  1. The question is a bit too general but I can tell you that Luke on Houston Street has great beers.

    1. SA is really spread out. Where are you staying, will you have a car? What kind of food are you looking for, any budget?

      1. Looked up the info on Luke's, exactly the type of place I am looking for. Food and beer both look top notch.

        Will be on work funds, so willing to spend a bit but not over the top. Will be at the Hyatt by Riverwalk (wherever that is). Any cuisine will work.


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          Several good restaurants at The Pearl Brewery, not far from downtown. Il Sogno for great Italian, La Gloria for upscale MX street food, Sandbar for seafood.

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            If you're at the Hyatt Regency they've recently opened a bbq restaurant Q. If you're at the Grand Hyatt (they're both on the Riverwalk) they've got a nice restaurant too (can't remember the name though) but they specialize in different Latin American dishes, like Puerto Rican and Cuban.