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Feb 22, 2011 02:56 PM

Ladle Recommended on America's Test Kitchen

On a recent episode of ATK, they did a test of ladles and ended up recommending one that was just the right length, with a "cup" that held just the right amount, and a hook at the end of the handle. Does anyone know just which ladle that was? I tried to find it online, but apparently I have to be a subscriber to gain access to that info. Thanks!

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  1. Do you know how long ago ATK recommended the ladle?

    According to an Amazon reviewer in 12/09, this one was recommended by ATK:

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    1. re: iyc_nyc

      I saw the episode within the last month or so, although it might actually be an older episode that was rerun.

      That looks like the ladle, but after reading the description on your link, I don't think that's it because I'm left with the impression that the one they recommended held more than 3.7 ounces.

      ...after a little more searching, I'm wondering if it's THIS one:

      1. re: CindyJ

        It comes in multiple sizes:

        My guess is that it's the same.

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          They did a ladle review in their magazine in 2007, and their winner was the Rosle model 10008 which only holds 3.7 ounces.

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              In my 5 sec google search I came upon this one as the top hit... talk about a circular argument:



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                that's cause i beat you to it - -before we created all the traffic on this thread. :-)

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                  Yep... round and round we go. That was the first link I found -- the one that requires membership for access.

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              I am watching the episode no... the winner was a german brand, apparently. The brand was two names, though... not rosle. Missed the name tho. I will see if they recap.

            3. Before laying down that kind of money for a ladle, I'd recommend a trip to the nearest restaurant supply house. You could pick up an assortment of stainless steel ladles for that amount of money.

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              1. re: SanityRemoved

                As a matter of fact, I had an opportunity to browse through a couple of restaurant supply stores on the Bowery in NYC last week, and one of the things I was looking for was a ladle, but oddly enough, I couldn't find one that had the two main things I was looking for -- a large bowl and a hook at the end of the handle.

                1. re: CindyJ

                  Vollrath makes a line of ladles that are still USA made that are pretty nice.. Some but not all restaurant supplys should have these ladles.

                  1. re: MOSFET

                    Thanks for that info. It looks like they make a stainless steel ladle just like what I'm looking for that sells for a third of the cost of the Rosle.

                  2. re: CindyJ

                    That particular design of kitchen utensels from Rosle is still made in Germany. The newer stuff with the round handles and the ring at the end is all made in C....

                    1. re: mikie

                      I deal in certain cookware and I can tell you if you insist on buying stuff made somewhere other than in China you will pay more by a factor of 2 to 3 for equivalent quality. I can also tell you that, in a general sense, if you buy Chinese stuff most of what you pay is money that stays in the US and never gets to China anyway. I won't talk about my costs and prices, but for example, my competitors might sell a Chinese made item for $50, that I know they paid about $22 for from a US distributor, who has his own markups indicating that the fob price in China (ie at the port of exit) was probably around $12. The rest of what you pay ($38 of the $50) goes to transportation, distribution, marketing, and financial costs nearly all of which stay in the US. So if you buy an equivalent item made in the US (which gets more difficult every day) for say $100+, that is a premium of $ 50 or more out of your pocket to keep maybe $12 from going to China. You can do that if you want.

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                        That's interesting, John - thanks !

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                          That is true , but there is a reason they have 100billion US dollars in cash just sitting there, that 12$ X a billion transactions per (?) still adds up to job loss here, I'll still try to keep buying Can first, US second, Mexico 3rd

                  3. I guess I'm missing something. We have 2 or 3 ladles with hooked stems that fits over our shelving. Each one has a particular measurement--half a cup, full cup etc--and they just do the job with no problem. Bought at IKEA or such for not much money--don't expect them to be particularly accurate just in the ballpark.

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                    1. re: escondido123

                      My husband says it wasn't IKEA but a restaurant supply house in Boston 20 years ago--no help here.

                    2. As long as we're on the ladle subject, are there any good silicon ones with pour spouts in a 1 cup size (worried about banging up the interior of the Staub as you get to the bottom, etc).

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                      1. re: sumrtym

                        I know they reccommend not using SS utensels, but I can't see how carefully scooping out of the Staub is going to do any damage. Stiring and scraping for deglazing, etc. I can understand and use wooden utensels, but I still use the SS ladle or large spoon when plating food.

                        1. re: mikie

                          See, that's always confused me too though regarding those mini ones they serve out of...aren't they enameled as well, and people eat out of them with metal forks and spoons...