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Feb 22, 2011 02:54 PM

Fresh roasted coffee beans in West Hollywood area?

I'm looking for a good steady source of FRESH roasted coffee beans in the West Hollywood area. Preferably within 2-3 days of roasting so they can really be optimal for the next week or so.

I just did a search and came up with the Coffee Commissary on Melrose. From their website, it looks like they source from coava coffee in Oregon. They will be my first stop, but I'm looking for any other ideas.

I'm open to anything from a market or breakfast spot that also sells beans. As long as they are quality and relatively fresh.


Coffee Commissary
801 N. Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

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  1. you willing to drive?

    supreme bean coffee roasters in NoHo roasts daily.

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    1. re: ns1

      I'm hoping not to drive too much.

      When in their respective areas, I'll pick up Intelligentsia, City Bean, or some at Luxxe if the date is good. I'll certainly grab some Supreme Bean when I'm in NoHo though! Thanks for the recommendation.

      1. re: LATrapp

        NP. 12.95 - 14.95/lb, they also stock groundwork beans (not sure if they're the actual GW roaster, haven't clarified)

        I've been particular to the bitches brew as of late.

        1. re: ns1

          I'm also a fan of Groundwork and occasionally pick up from both their Hollywood and Venice locations. I've even had some good fun putting together a mixed bag from their various bins although I agree with you that Bitches Brew is good stuff for straight espresso.

          The only issue I have with Groundwork is that I have no idea how old the beans are in their bins or how often they are cleared out. Seems to me that it could just be a continuous mix of old and new. A lot of the beans look pretty shiny/oily which is usually a pretty good indication of aging. I admit I have never actually asked how they manage the bins but will soon.

          1. re: LATrapp

            I've noticed bitches brew beans are ALWAYS shiny/oily in appearance whereas mocha java is never shiny/oily

            They have their own label on the bitches brew and I had no idea ground work even carried it.

    2. It's not in LA, but it will come directly to your door next day via USPS from Old Bisbee Roasters ( in Bisbee, Arizona.

      The owner, Seth, is passionate about his coffee which comes from all over the world. He roasts it daily and ships it to you the next day. He has customers across the country and is happy to answer any questions you have. I've never been disappointed.

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      1. re: edintucson

        Have you dealt with them for a long time? The roaster club looks like a pretty interesting deal.

        1. re: Outerspace

          I've been getting coffee from him off-and-on for several years. I'd suggest calling and asking what's in the current "Sampler Pack" of four different coffees (1/2 lb each) and giving that a try. It's less than $30 and you can decide if it's worth it.

        2. re: edintucson

          Personally, I'm hoping for a brick and mortar source in the area. I know there are some great coffees available online and I order as well, but I hate paying for the quick shipping and free shipping is usually only included on larger quantities that I can't use in a couple of weeks.

          That being said, I will definitely add Old Bisbee's to the list for the next time I feel the urge to order some coffee up.

        3. Kings Road Cafe at Beverly and Kings regularly roasts their own beans (I live nearby and smell the roasting at night). It's a dark flavorful roast, which I like, but might be too dark for some.