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Best Tortilla Chips

I love Garden of Eating 'Red Hot Blues.' They are a near perfect snack. When ever a bag gets opened it is emptied. They are good plain or with dip. I even thought about putting them in my week old food processor and coating chicken cutlets with the crumbs. Does anyone else rank these as highly as I do?

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  1. Chip snob here, they have to be fried locally by a restaurant or at home. And salted, they're no good without any salt at all.

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      +1, however I have found commercial bagged chip that are made in Oregon that are excellent- Juanitas $2/bag.


    2. If I buy commercial chips, it's either Garden Fresh as they ARE fresh tasting, or for a junk food craving, Tostitos Lime. That salty limey thing gets me.

      Most preferred chips are those made at the local Mexican market.

      1. They are commercial but I still eat them.


        Never made my own tortillas, any advice?

        1. I do love the Garden of Eatin chips. For dipping and nacho purposes, I am a huge Green Mountain Gringo tortilla strip fan.

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          1. Food Should Taste Good chips come in a boatload of flavors but the lime is my favorite.

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              +1, but they need to lose the stupid name and come up with something better.

            2. Here in Texas we have a brand, Julio's that I love. They are a seasoned chip, but not actually flavored. Very good.

              1. Xochitl brand's Totopos de Maiz (tortilla chips) are the best storebought brand I've ever found. They have a perfect thin, light, crispy consistency that blow away all other bagged chips and most fresh ones I've had at Mexican restaurants.


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                  Totally agree!! +1 for Xochitl...thin and tasty and just right for dipping.

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                    They are good but tough to dip because they are so thin.

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                      Just discovered the Xochitl chips this past weekend. I agree, they are amazing! I love how crispy and light they are.

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                        totally concur on Xochitl. AMAZING. (be sure to get the salted ones). has anyone tried the blue corn ones? i saw them today for the first time.

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                          I don't think I've seen them...let us know how they are!!

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                            Xochitl chips are hard to find here (Orlando, FL). I've only ever seen them at Cost Plus World Market (we only have one, and it's far) and Whole Foods. I have yet to see the blue corn ones, though.