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Feb 22, 2011 01:27 PM

Fiddler's Bistro: Just Consistent Solid

I was at the Fiddler's Bistro this Saturday morning, on 3rd Street West of La Brea and east of Fairfax. I enjoyed perfect pancakes, bacon, eggs, coffee, a huge, plate of fruit loaded with fresh berries and melon and bananas, and enjoyed fine service all for less than $10 before tip.

My wife and I have been going there for years for many meals, since it's an easy walk from home. I can not think of a single meal which wasn't very well executed and high quality, or service which was substandard. All at very reasonable prices.

This is not a "gourmet" restaurant. There are no celebrity chefs here. They have daily specials but the menu doesn't really change that much. It's not a place for hip people to be seen. It's just one of those few excellent, reliable, solid neighborhood restaurants that are always consistent, and they need kudos.

It is run by two Armenian brothers who came to the US years ago via Paris, and they put a lot of love and care into their food. Some of the better things on the menu:

Roasted salmon, lamb kebabs, any of their soups, excellent salads, and their corned beef hash at breakfast is some of the best in the city. But truly, I have never had anything there which wasn't excellent.

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  1. They also have a killer Chicken Cous Cous soup that's a frequent daily special. The lamb burger is also top notch.

    As for the lack of hip people, my friends and I beg to differ...

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      See Briggs, you're hip, but don't go there to be seen. : )

    2. Funny, I thought this was an old post of mine at first! I haven't been lately, but when I used to go several years ago I always enjoyed their spinach.feta omelet, turkey burger and Armenian dishes. Glad to hear they're still consistent.

      1. Place Link (with website info added)

        Fiddler's Bistro
        6009 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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        1. Fiddler is a wonderful little neighborhood gem. Live in the area years ago, and loved going for brunch. Their eggs benedict is great. The brothers/owners are personable, as well as the staff. I can second the corn beef hash, some of the best I've had. Also enjoy their burgers. No longer live in the area, but still stop by from time to time. Consistant, reliable, solid good food.

          1. Fiddlers is a top notch neighborhood spot. My wife and I used to go regularly to their old location at Beverly and La Brea when we lived in the area, and I still pop in to their 3rd St. spot when my work takes me to the area. The lamb burger with feta cheese is one of my favorite dishes in Los Angeles, and I'll put it up against any burger in town. Omelettes are great too.

            Fiddlers Bistro is largely unsung, but it remains steadfast, true and satisfying.