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Feb 22, 2011 01:10 PM

Baking with fruit juice from concentrate

After a party this evening I was left with almost a full carton of (unsweetened) grapefruit juice from concentrate. I'm not going to drink it, but was wondering if I could freeze it and use it in a baked good (I have another party next week!) in place of fresh juice. I'm just wondering if the fact that the juice is from concentrate will affect the chemistry of the juice enough to throw whatever I'm baking off balance i.e. stopping it from setting? I don't see how but hoped someone would offer some advice, or set my mind at ease!

I was planning to use it instead of lemon juice in lemon bars, and probably in one other baked good (there's quite a bit left over) - if you have any grapefruit-juice-using recipes please feel free to suggest them!

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  1. Lemon juice is more acidic, so if the recipe is using it to react with baking soda as a leavener, you may need to use more grapefruit juice and that could throw off the liquid balance in the recipe.

    1. You'll be fine.

      I make my own "jello" from fresh or processed fruit and juices, using Knox gelatin packets. One packet gels 2 cups of juice or puree. You might consider making grapefruit gelatin with orange segments and/or pineapple. Just make sure the pineapple is canned or cooked, or the gelatin won't set.

      1. Would pate de fruit work with grapefruit juice?

        1. I've never made it with juice from concentrate, but maybe grapefruit curd? You could always try sorbet...

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            I was thinking sorbet would be the easiest but I have to transport the dessert (the party will be on my university campus), and I prefer to share the dessert love because otherwise two of us have to eat the entire batch of whatever I've made.

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              Understood. Baked goods are probably the way to go, then.