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Feb 22, 2011 01:09 PM

How to use up 12 Gala apples?

Just had a dozen apples dumped on me, not sure what to do with them. I'd like to make something,either a sweet or savory, that I can freeze for future consumption. Any suggestions? Seems like a waste to just put them into my daily smoothie....

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  1. Applesauce keeps and freezes very well, or you could make apple-almond muffins - good for breakfast. Apples themselves also keep quite well in a cool dark cupboard so you don't necessarily have to hurry

    1. I'd make an apple crisp with them. It will freeze well and you can separate it into small serving sizes. Later on, take out the apple crisp along with some neighboring vanilla ice cream, nuke the crisp, and top with the ice cream. Delicious.

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        I would make an apple crisp, too. But I wouldn't freeze it (though you are welcome to).

      2. Gala apples are such an excellent eating apple, and very odd, sorta out season that once could complaint that one was "dumped".
        If they are still the bright crisp snap of the usual Gala, I say, eat an apple a day.

        But if you really were dumped and since gala is an eating apple and not a storage apple. depend what you like,

        I dislike sweets, but an apple/onion compote would be nice. Kick up the savory. Apple in balsamic, but not sweet, frozen in cubes ( I am guessing apple sauce consistency) would be a nice addition latter at a stir-fry.

        1. apple cobbler freezes well

          1. Lucky you! I love Galas, so I would eat them easily in a week. But if you want to freeze them, make applesauce, unsweetened, which can be sweet or savory later when you want it.