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Feb 22, 2011 12:21 PM

24 Hours to (and in) Ft. Worth

Flying into Ft. Worth tomorrow from Boston with my wife and teenaged daughter, hoping to have three memorable meals. We'll have a rental car and will be staying in the Stockyards area. Looking for delicious Texas cuisine -- Tex-Mex, chicken fried steak, bbq, burgers, whatever. Plan is to arrive in the late afternoon and have dinner. Thursday morning we'll be looking for breakfast before paying a brief visit to the Kimbell Art Museum. Then it's lunch and we're off to Hill Country. My thoughts about dinner so far: Joe T, Garcia's isn't too far from our hotel, but is it a tourist trap? Would a Love Shack burger be better? (Or do we hold out and grab a burger at Kincaid's the next day?). Or is it worth getting in the car and driving to La Familia or Angelo's (though we might want to hold off on bbq till we get to Hill Country). As for breakfast, is Esperanza's a good choice? And is there some place terrific to get lunch on the way out of town to Hill Country? thanks for any suggestons!

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  1. You are going to be in the Hill Country so _definitely_ wait on the BBQ until then... that'd be like filling up on tv dinners before Thanksgiving.

    The original Kincaid's is fairly unique/historical although I like other burgers better (Love Shack Dirty Love Burger). Joe Ts is a venerable trap that some people still like. Tillman's Roadhouse is near the museums... might be of interest and Lanny's is great if you like upscale.

    Kimball is great and if you have time you can do the Amon Carter (western) and/or Modern Art (all three are right there).

    1. I would go to Love Shack over Kincaid's. And I totally agree with amokscience.....definitely wait until you get to the Hill Country for barbecue. I like Angelo's but it just can't compare.

      I haven't been to Joe T's but I have been to La Familia and liked it a lot, the food was good and it has a nice atmosphere. Esperanza's is a good choice for breakfast. I also like Lonesome Dove in the Stockyards.

      I also agree you should try to go to the Modern, which is right across from the Kimball, if you have any interest in modern art. They have a pretty impressive collection.

      My stops along 35 south are barbecue....either Rudy's (I like the one in Round Rock the best) or Schoepf's in Belton. I haven't found a lot of good non-chain restaurants along the way.

      La Familia Restaurant
      1111 La Salle Ave, Waco, TX 76706

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        thanks you both. I'll follow yr cues, wait on the bbq, and try to find some time to hit the Modern museum!

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            Agreed. If you can do upscale, try Lanny's (near the museums and cultural district) and/or Ellerbe (near the hospital district, south of downtown).

      2. Thanks for the tips. We ended up staying in the Stockyards Hyatt. Had burgers at the Love Shack, which was nearby and we were hungry! The dirty love burger was good, but even better was eating outdoors after escaping the snow and cold of Boston just a few hours earlier. For dessert, we walked over to Joe T. Garcia's, where we ended up nibbling nachos, drinking margaritas, eating some flan and grooving to the beautiful patio. The food coming out of the kitchen didn't look that great, but heck, I'd go back just to enjoy the setting. Breakfast at Esperanza's the next morning was totally delicious. Mmmm, migas. We hit the Kimball and Modern museums (loved both, especially the Modern) and hopped in the rental car to drive off to Hill Country in search of bbq. But on the way we stopped for chicken at Babe's in Burleson, which was enjoyable for both the food and the unexpected decor theme: fairy tale at night? Crazy!

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          all excellent choices (and reasoning at Joe T's. - You got the best of it!!!)