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Feb 22, 2011 12:13 PM

Is there place in GTA that sells Mandi, Yemeni food

I'm craving for chicken or lamb mandi but I can't find a restaurant that sells it anywhere in the GTA. Please let me know if there is one. Thanks

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  1. You're a couple of years too late for mandi in downtown toronto m.a.r. - there used to be a yemeni-somali place at church/dundas that served mandi, but the owner shut it down and moved back to saudi.

    Rumour has it that there's a place in mississauga that has it on the menu, but you'd have to special order the whole lamb. Are you looking for places that have it ready to serve or would you be interested in pre-ordering the entire lamb? If I can get their info, I'll post it here.

    Toronto has a serious shortage of yemeni food (see this thread: - unfortunately, yemeni chefs seem to bypass this city in favour of detroit, sheffield, and jeddah.

    If you're craving a taste of home, the closest thing would probably be the somali restaurant hamdi on carlton street. It isn't the greatest though, so I think your best bet is to try making it at home - its not that hard, and theres ways to replicate that smokey flavour even in a regular oven.

    I'd be curious to see if any fellow CHers have come across this dish in toronto, that would be an excellent chowfind!

    Hamdi Restaurant
    193 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5A2K7, CA

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      Is the place is mississauga called Ontario stuffed lamb? Yea I was looking for place that has it prepared and ready to serve.

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