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Feb 22, 2011 12:08 PM

Has anyone eaten at Bissoh in Beaune?

Has anyone eaten at Bissoh in Beaune? Or the other sushi places there, for that matter?

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  1. Sorry, but no. While I love sushi, I don't find that I'm in the mood for it while in Burgundy. I'm never there long enough I guess. The gite where we stayed in November was near Bissoh and they did have some good looking hand rolls and sashimi out on a street side table during the Vente des Vins festivities. Our friends who live in Beaune say that it is good. Hope that helps a little. :-)

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      Thanks. Where else have you enjoyed eating in Beaune recently?

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        Well, on our last trip I found a couple to add to my ever expanding list, Cheval Noir & Bistro Le Carnot (good pizzas!) and one that I removed due to a change of ownership, Comptior Gaspard.

        We also hit some other prennial favorites including: Ma Cuisine, Le P'tit Paradis, Gourmandin, Caveau des Arches, & Crep Anges (good for something lighter).

        Some we really enjoy nearby (5-15 minute drive) are:
        Le Charlemagne (Pernand-Vergelesses) - a Michelin one star that is a bit of a silly show - they also own Sushi Kai near the Port St. Nicholas (never been)
        Buissonierre (Buisson, the little hamlet adjoining Ladoix on the N74) - YUM!
        La Miotte (Ladiox-Serrigny)
        Le Montrachet (Puligny-Montrachet) - not as expensive as it used to be, at least at lunch

        On the fence about La Cabotte (Nuits-St-George) - food was really great, service was a bit snotty

        And some not too much farther, but not really "nearby" by my standards - they'd be about a 20-30 min. drive or so:
        Chez Simon (Flagey-Echzeaux)
        Chez Guy (Gevry Chambertin)
        Chez Jeanette (Fixin) - double YUM!

        I'm also a big fan of the wine lunches at the table d'hotes - food is good, but not "top shelf" - I find it's best if you take a taxi :-):
        Oliver LeFlaive (Puligny-Montrachet) - 14 wine lunch
        Comte Senard (Aloxe-Corton) - 8 wine lunch
        Pierre Bouree (Gevry-Chambertin) - 9 wine lunch

        Two on my list for next time are Le Chambolle (havent' been in a long time) and Jardin des Remparts (have just never made it there for some reason).

        Let us know where all you try and what you think. Always looking for new places!

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          Sorriest coudl you explain what you mean by "14 wine lunch" "8 wine lunch" "9 wine lunch"? You changed wine 14 or 8 or 9 times? Whoa, was your sommelier a juggler?

          1. re: Parigi

            They are tasting lunches with wines by the glass - really an introduction to Burgundian wines. They tend to show things like the differences between a village level, premier cru, and grand cru (same vintner and vintage, same grape, different plots of land - huge difference). They also do well to get people thinking about wine pairing - which of these two wines goes best with salmon and which with pate. Probably not super interesting for people who know a lot about wine, but I find it fun. Very convivial atmosphere.

            1. re: DaTulip

              I am impressed that during a lunch one can have 14 differnet glasses of wine ! Sounds comprehensive. Can one really keep track with 14 different tastes? I know I can't. :-)

          2. re: DaTulip

            Da, you nailed it on La Cabotte. But that said, we did go twice in one trip and the second time round just were prepared to ignore the server and get on with the chow. Total opposite of the warm welcome at Ma Cuisine, eh? Also liked Chez Guy, and Chez Jeanette, though the later very old school, but in a nice way.

            Have been studying Evert available gite in area for upcoming July trip. Can you share which you like nearby?

            1. re: Gman

              Thanks. Have rezos at L'Hotel de Beaune and Le Charlemagne. Caves Madaleine sounds intriguing as well.

              1. re: zizouz

                Cave Madaleine is very “rustic’, a wine store or cave with 2 long picnic tables down one side and small tables on the other. The night we were there it was all young locals, including a vintner with some of his crew (this was right before vendage).

                The following is from one of our cycling group:
                Dinner was at a Cave Madaleine and we had heard to “ask for Lola because Ben (our waiter at Larkspur in Vail) told us to go there” and then we realized it was the best “hidden” place in Beaune! So I, with my broken French (which I must admit is improving and coming back to me from my high school days!) asked where Lola was (thinking SHE? was the owner)…and low and behold, our waiter was Lolo…we had a good laugh about his facial hair and his hairy legs, and then, because we were now the best of friends, were then introduced to a gastronomical delight:
                I had a fresh bean salad with shaved parmesan and olive oil (how to do the French make simple things taste so good???) and Roast Duck which was INCREDIBLE! (Phil had terrine that he didn’t share)! Then, the cheese course (of course) with our first (and then daily dose of) Epoisses…OMG…like brie on steroids with an illegal substance causing one to crave it daily and we had it at almost every meal since. Mike selected a Meursault chardonnay and a Pommard pinot noir … yummm…the key we learned was to begin by swirling the red wine into each glass to ‘season the glass’ before pouring.
                Sorbets (really like the most fattening ice cream) of caramel and pistachio…with Champagne (courtesy of moi). It was a four hour dinner…laughter and stories galore….started at 7 and we left at 11. So, home to my ‘salon’ for a final glass of wine (like I needed another glass of wine!!!) and dreamt of tomorrow. At this rate, I will weigh 10 lbs more than I arrived weighing…but what a way to go!

                1. re: BlueOx

                  Delightful report.
                  However, caramel and pistachio? Must have been ice cream and not sorbet. Sorbet should be fruit(juice)-based.

              2. re: Gman

                Gman, I wouldn't recommend the gite that is nearby - Gite des Remparts:, but there is another one sort of close that is nice:

                A great gite just out of town in Tailly is:

                One in town (havent' stayed yet, but hear it is nice) is:

                We have friends Graham & Candida who have a room to let on their great property - just on the way towards Pommard:

                We are actually moving back toward using B&Bs since I find I don't really end up cooking like I think I will. Near Bissoh & the Hospices is:

                And where we'll be staying in November near Place Madeliene is:

                Also, another friend has this place: Haven't seen it personally, but I hear it is nice and it is just off the ring road on the Montagne side.

                Let me know where you guys end up & give a review. You can email me since it isn't really food related. Have fun!