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Feb 22, 2011 11:37 AM

Fun place to dine with teens in Tokyo

Am reposting with a proper title! Sorry--new to this board.

Traveling to Tokyo with 3 kids--1 teen, 1 college age, and 1 in grade school. Need dinner suggestions for great/fun place where dinner will not take more than 90 mins and has kid friendly Japanese food--shabu shabu, soba or similar--nothing too exotic, but not too tame either. Will be staying at either the Mandarin or the Penninsula. Many thanks for any help you can lend!

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  1. Ninja Akasaka is probably your best bet:

    The food is inoffensive and quite tasty, much better than you would normally expect from a theme restaurant, and the place itself is actually kinda cool.

    1. Gonpachi at Nishi Azabu crossing is a good choice. Something for everyone, decent prices.

      This is where Koizumi took Bush for Dinner in 2002.

      1. Thanks! These are very helpful.

        1. If you find yourself in Ikebukuro, go to Namja Town in the Sunshine City Plaza. There is an entrance fee (300 yen) but you'll have access to the Gyoza Museum which will be fun for all three kids as they have various gyoza restaurants, games, and best of all an Ice Cream Museum as well for dessert. If you remember, this was featured on Bizarre Foods a couple of seasons ago.

          1. I have taken friends' teenage kids toTsukishima for monjayaki and okonomiyaki and they always had a good time. Maybe because playing with your food is required. Plus, it's an easy walk from Tsukiji.