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Feb 22, 2011 11:28 AM

Symphonie International Vegan Restaurant - Point Richmond

A vegan friend was visiting so we headed out to Point Richmond and had lunch at Symphonie Vegan Restaurant. The interior still has many of the prior Chinese restaurant details showing - it's a large space and the feeling is peaceful if not laconic. We entered and looked over some of the brochures that were on the tables by the door - it was a few minutes before anyone came out to greet us but we were not in a hurry. I ordered the eggplant. SO tried the black pepper tofu and the third lunch special we tried was the Vegetable Masala . all plates came with a substantial portion of rice-50 cent extra for brown rice. Enjoyed all three tastes ..... the flavors are balanced and the food tastes clean & fresh. The portions are generous. Service was fine and prices reasonable. (lunch specials are $7.25 + 50cents for brown rice) I could see that it would be a nice draw for vegans and anyone who wanted a nice vegetarian meal.
Although much of the menu is Asian, there is also a reason it's called International - Mexican, Thai, Italian and Brazilian dishes are scattered throughout the menu ...... next time maybe?

Symphonie International Vegan Cuisine
199 Park Pl, Richmond, CA 94801

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