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La Mouette, Mimolett, or Agatha in Istanbul? Or other upscale restaurants.

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I'm going to Istanbul in about 10 days and am looking to hit at least one more upscale restaurant. I was thinking of either La Mouette, Mimolett or Agatha but am having trouble finding much information about La Mouette and Agatha on the internet. Does anyone have any input - what would be the average price of a dinner at one of those places without alcohol but including everything else? Are they worth going to? Will I need to try and get a reservation now or can I wait till we're there?
Or do you have any other recommendations for high-end restaurants in Istanbul? Not a huge seafood person so probably not a restaurant that focuses heavily on seafood.

Thank you!

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  1. Did you ever get a response from your request for upscale restrauants in Istanbul? Where did you decide to go and what was your experience? I have a birthday on April 15th and am considering the same dining rooms you wrote about. Thanks: Karen Bolla