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Feb 22, 2011 09:43 AM

Beast Restaurant - This weekend

Was in town to visit family and finally had an opportunity to try out Beast Friday. Overall an excellent experience.

The table shared:

- Gnocchi Poutine: Very good dish, Boar meat was tender and tasty and the Gnocchi and Cheese excellent as well.

- Duck Heart Risotto: Risotto was so creamy and delicious and the Duck Hearts great flavor. We all cleaned up this plate completely.

- Oven Roasted Bone Marrow: Well I dont think Ive ever had roasted bone marrow I didnt like, and it didnt change one bit here.

- Pig's head Pasta: The Papardelle was made in house and you could tell, great texture and very good. The crispy Pig's ears on top were a nice touch as well. This dish was probably all of our favorite if we were forced to choose just one.

- Beast Burger: Everyone afterwards ordered the Burger. I had mine rare, because whenever I dont have previous experience eating a burger at a restaurant I request it Rare and it tends to come out medium rare which I am fine with. This was no exception, the Burger was cooked perfectly medium rare. Juicy and delicious and anything with a fried egg on top is delicious anyways.

- A couple of my companions ordered desert and seemed to enjoy it as well. I was content to sip on a Macallan and call it a night.

Great service and food, honestly one of the best meals I have had in Toronto is a long while.

Only concern is that it was Friday night at 8:00pm and half the already small restaurant was empty, by the time we were finished at around 9:45-10 only one other table was eating. Is this typical for Beast or was it just a slow night? I have dined at Black Hoof twice and consider the food at Beast to be superior on so many levels from my limited experience but its impossible to just walk into BH at 8:00 on a Friday night I would assume.

Okay end of that little rant, BUT the point is this place should be supported.

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  1. Yay Beast! I posted about my first dinner at Beast, last weekend, and agree that it was one of the best restaurant meals in recent memory (Toronto and beyond). Food and service were superb. We were there on a Saturday night and the room was pretty quiet up till about 8, at which point the room was full. My sense is they mostly have one sitting per evening with perhaps 4 or 5 of the tables turning twice. They should absolutely be busier and better supported - wonderful food in a friendly, unpretentious room. In fact, it reminded me how many great meals I've enjoyed in that room - as Amuse Bouche and as Lotus in previous incarnations. Beast is a sparkling diamond in the rough.

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      Good stuff! Glad to hear you enjoyed it as well. If my wife and I still lived in Toronto it would be on our regular rotation.

    2. Thanks for the great report Matt H. Beast is at the top of my ever growing list right now, especially after yours and Peppermint Pate's reviews.

      1. I can't tell you how many times I have heard this same issue....great food, place is almost always empty! Can't understand it.

        1. I enjoyed my beast 120 meal there the one time I went, great value. Would like to revisit for the full menu.

          It's just the time of the year, the dog days of winter, just a very slow period for most restaurants in the city. Plus the location isn't exactly teaming with traffic or deemed hot like Ossington or can attract spill off from Black Hoof like the recently opened Campagnolo.

          They do turn out pretty good food in such a tiny ass kitchen, kudos to that.

          The Black Hoof
          928 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

          832 Dundas St. W, Toronto, ON , CA