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Feb 22, 2011 09:32 AM

Has anyone tried Harriet Brewery?

New brewery has opened at 31** Minnehaha in Mpls. growlers available 4-8 M-W-F Has anybody tried it?

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  1. I just picked up a growler this afternoon (about thirty minutes ago). I met Jason, the brewer and owner, who seemed like an ebullient and good fellow. When I showed up at their scheduled sales time of four, the door was locked and when I was let in I was told that they weren't ready to sell the growlers yet. There were three other people waiting when I got there, and I got one they found in a fridge right off the bat.
    All of which is to say that logistically speaking they don't have it all together, but it shouldn't matter in the near future, because the beer I have now, the West Side IPA, a Belgian-style pale ale, with a nice spice forefront and a great downturn of bitterness at the back end, is all around quite well-structured. I'm highly enjoying it.
    Right now this seems to be Jason's only offering, though this Saturday will mark the release of a Dark Abbey dubbel.
    I say go and support him--it's well-made beer. $17 for a growler, which includes the growler deposit (which I'm assuming is about 5 bucks).

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      Nice. Will have to stop by this Saturday to try the Dark Abbey.

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        can I bring my own growler do you know? generic of course. I lft a msg asking no reply yet. Either way I will go Saterday and get some beer

        1. re: pmikulay

          You cannot. There is a law prohibiting the filling of personal containers (meaning, any container not marked with Harriet Brewing's logo).

      2. I've had the West Side IPA "test batch" and the Divine Oculust, which is a Belgian Strong Golden Ale. I'm really looking forward to the Dark Abbey.

        Saturday growler sales were a zoo early on, but they're getting a system down. If you go on a Saturday, it's possible there might be a wait. But they've done a lot to streamline things lately.

        The beer is definitely Quality.