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Feb 22, 2011 08:11 AM

Lobel's Meat and Wine. Thoughts from you foodies?

So, my dad gave me this cookbook, thinking I'd make better use of it than him. I host a lot of dinner parties, and enjoy cooking/pairing. I found it very interesting so far, I'm past chapter 2, and have dabbled into a few of the beef recipes. I have not been overwhelmingly blown away!
Any thoughts from you foodies out there who have read/used Lobel's Food and Wine? Is this book a waste of prime meats and expensive wines used to cook?
Granted, we are not poor, but even I have limits to use a $20-30/btl wine to cook, since I need to consider serving at least 2-3 bottles of wine at the meal, with guests, also likely $20 each.
Recommendations for recipes you've tried in the book?
I have made the Beef Burgundy, and Short Ribs, and the Portuguese stew. Both were OK, not amazing. Today I'm doing short ribs again, but not Lobel's recipe...I'll see if it comes out better!

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  1. I have the book and do enjoy it. However, it is not one of my go-to books as I have not found anything unique or intriguing in it. I love to be challenged technically and use uncommon ingredients so rely on many other books for inspiration instead. Having said that, it does contain some yummy recipes to be sure. When I cook with wine I normally use $15-$20 bottles at most and have had great success. Will go through my book and post the recipes and/or ideas I have used from it here.

    1. Never used the book, but if you want the best prime, dry aged steak you can buy, Lobel's is by far the best. I have ordered from all of them, and it is wonderful.