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Feb 22, 2011 08:01 AM

Good BYOB to accomodate party of 10-12 on a Friday around 4:00pm ~$25 per person

My supervisor has put someone in my group on a wild goose chase for our very much delayed holiday lunch. Basically, he wants it in Philadelphia. He wants it to be a BYOB. It can be no more than $25/person AND the real kicker around 3 or 4pm in the afternoon. Any ideas? It does not seem that this restaurant exists and he is reluctant to other ideas (like in the greater Princeton area, where our office is)

Thanks for your help

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  1. What day of the week? Kanella is open for lunch till 3pm on Thursday-Sunday, is fantastic, and meets your price point. They start dinner at 5 so I'm not sure what is going on there in between 3 and 5 pm, but it's probably worth calling them.

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      Yea, I suggested Kanella to the woman who in charge of putting it together. She'll need to call to see if they can accomodate a later lunch. Of course it will be on a Friday so I think we'll have a harder time gettng the restaurants to want to agree.

    2. I think some of the small Italian BYOBs would be interested in opening early to accommodate you. Have you called around?

      1. Try Branzino, on 17th just north of Spruce. I doubt that it's within their hours, but they might be willing to open a bit early. I have been to several lovely lunches there.

        How would ethnic be? Cafe Laos, on 11th St. south of Washington Avenue, is very attractive and has a huge entree selection - Laotian, Thai, etc. plus very good barbecued chickens, curries, coconut ice cream. Another beautiful place is Le Viet, at 11th and Washington. - good Vietnamese food. These have a classier ambiance than many of the other good ethnic places.

        Parking is available for those places, which might make it easier, anad I think their hours are flexible.

        1. I might suggest Roberto Cafe on South Street. I think he normally starts dinner service at 4 or 4:30; it's a small space but I have regularly seen them do large parties of 10-12. Very good, fresh, basic Italian (but real Italian, not Italian-American South Philly stuff) and I'm sure they could arrange something nice for that price.

          1. Olive on 3rd is one of the more reasonably priced BYOBs I've enjoyed recently. The owner seemed very accommodating. Might be worth a call.