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Feb 22, 2011 07:24 AM

Dish with fried octopus and egg at San Miguel market on No Reservations in Madrid

Did anyone else see this dish on the No Reservations episode in Madrid last eyar? I'm trying to figure out where in the market that was served.

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  1. I haven't seen the show (though now I'd like to...), but it sounds like pulpo frito. It's a specialty of Málaga. Was it a fried egg? That can show up in the middle of all sorts of different Andaluz dishes. The gallego preparations of pulpo are generally more common in Madrid (pulpo a Feira, pulpo a la plancha).

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      Or was it chipirones con huevo? I have ot seen the show either.

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        About where it was served... I think only the cervecería at the east end of the market behind the sustainable marisquería Lonxanet does fried seafood. You can buy fish/mariscos at the marisquería and have them cooked up at the cervecería, so I would imagine that's what they did.

      2. It was definitely octopus in a very light batter with a fried egg. Looks delicious!

        Can you open this link to a youtube video? The scene starts around 2 min. 30 seconds.

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          Thanks for posting the video (and for giving me a chance to not only see Bourdain, but relive those happy World Cup days--I'm so glad he got to see Madrid at that particular time!).

          It's as I said above. They bought the tentacle from the marisquería Lonxanet and took it to the cervecería right behind it. Both are at the east end of the market. The batter is the standard Andaluz "fritura"--very light and crispy--and the egg is deep fried in olive oil. (the other scenes while they are making the octopus dish are of unrelated tapas that I don't think the cervecería serves).

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            It was my pleasure, Butterfly. I enjoyed the sequence on the World Cup too. My son got up at 4:30 am to watch it with my father, so it had a "unifying" effect in my house too.

            I'm sure glad I don't have any problems with cholesterol, LOL !! Deep fried octopus and egg!