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Feb 22, 2011 06:25 AM

One Day in Vancouver with Kids

I moved to Seattle last year and am planning a day trip to Vancouver this Thursday. I'll have my 70-year-old mother and my two children (ages 3 and 6) with me. Since we'll only be in town for the day, and my travel companions have limited interests and mobility, we'll be sticking to some of the standard tourist haunts on this visit (Canada Place for the views, Stanley Park, Robson Street, etc.). Can someone recommend some good but not fancy restaurants near any of these places that would be appropriate for my brood? Since we'll be in touristy areas, I'm afraid of blowing our limited dining opportunities at crappy tourist traps, and I'd like to sample some of the great food that I've heard Vancouver has to offer, even if I have to do it at a place with a kids menu.

Any recs are greatly appreciated.

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  1. I know others here will have better foodie destination recommendations than I.

    But for kid-friendly restos in the heart of downtown, I tend to stick to Griffin's inside Hotel Fairmont Downtown. Being in a hotel, there's plenty of room to stroll out of the dining room if the kids get restless (and not end up outside, usually in the rain). The dining room itself is huge so it's harder for restless kids (not that I'm assuming yours are) to bother other diners, or vice versa.

    Menu is not avant-garde but reasonably-priced and diverse enough to please the young and the old:

    The buffet is actually pretty good value. Again, nothing fru-fru but it's also not Denny's.

    At the end of the day, when eating out, if the kids are happy and eating their dinner, my dinner tastes better too ;-) All the best.

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