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Feb 22, 2011 04:07 AM

Making softer pasta at home

Question about making pasta. I'm looking to make a softer, less al-dente pasta dough for cavatellie. I usually make these with ricotta, but will have a no-dairy guest. I'm OK with having it have a little ore bite, but I still want them to be tender and not too chewy. How should I make the dough?- 00 or AP flour, water or egg?

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  1. The flour doesn't matter that much and I doubt if the liquid does either. If you knead the dough just enough to get it to stick together, it'll be soft. If you knead it a lot, and develop the gluten, it'll have more texture.

    1. I would say TIP 00, egg, and a little milk instead of water. Also try to use as little bench flour as possible in favor of resting and letting the dough dry. You can also get more tender results with fresher eggs, you will be able to tell from the whites which will be bouncy and hold more of their shape as opposed to being watery.