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Feb 22, 2011 03:48 AM

cilantro coleslaw

Has anyone else made this? It's absolutely delicious (IF you like cilantro).

Cilantro Coleslaw

1 medium cabbage
1 jalapeno pepper
1/2 a small red onion, cut in half through the stem, peeled
1 C loosely packed cilantro leaves
4 T lime juice
1 T red wine vinegar
1/3 C olive oil
1 1/2 t kosher salt
1/2 t fresh ground pepper
large pinch of sugar

Quarter the cabbage through the core; cut out the core. Finely shred the cabbage into a large bowl. Finely slice the red onion into half moon shapes. Discard the jalapeno seeds then dice it finely. Chop the cilantro. Add jalapeno, onion, and cilantro to the cabbage and toss to mix. Sprinkle with the lime juice, vinegar, oil, salt, pepper and sugar and toss to coat.

Serve at room temp or slightly chilled.

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  1. wow, this sounds really good! thanks for sharing, will have to add it to my "make soon" recipe list.

    1. i love cilantro. that slaw would be good to put with some cuban roasted pork, on a nice bun or crusty baguette.

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      1. re: alkapal

        Fusion banh mi?

        Thanks to OP for this. In my file I have something similar that I haven't fixed in years. Need to do this. It's really versatile. Fish tacos?

        1. re: c oliver

          This should be outstanding on fish tacos! Great idea!

      2. I've made something similar using 1/2 red cabbage and 1/2 green cabbage and some shredded carrot. It's really light and fresh and stays in the fridge for a few days nicely.

        1. Also worth trying is to do this, replacing red wine vinegar and olive oil with rice wine vinegar and peanut butter. You can add a ton of veggies to it, too.

          1. A Mexican restaurant in my area, (NorCal), serves a similar slaw as a side on their plates. I've copied it several times with great results. I like to add a bit of cumin to my dressing.

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            1. re: KatoK

              I had something like this as an alternative to the usual tomato based chip dip. Since then I've replicated it a number of times. The vinegar and oil aren't really needed, especially if you think of this as a salsa as opposed to slaw.

              1. re: paulj

                I don't see the need for all that oil. I'd use a couple of tablespoons of roasted sesame seed oil then taste the slaw. Add more if it needs it. I'd also use Thai bird chiles in place of the jalapeno, but that's just me.

                1. re: 1sweetpea

                  Yikes and thanks! I have some Thai chiles left from pho. This sounds like a great way to use a couple.

                  1. re: 1sweetpea

                    i agree that the oil is excessive.

                    i make two variations of similar to the OP, but with sour cream or crema instead of oil, and i add minced chipotles in adobo, toasted ground cumin, and smoked paprika.

                    the other variation is with toasted sesame oil and seeds, scallions instead of red onion, rice vinegar instead of red wine, and a splash of reduced-sodium tamari.

                    oh, and in both recipes i usually add a drizzle of honey instead of sugar - i like the way it binds the vegetables.