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Feb 22, 2011 12:30 AM

Offal in Sacramento other than Water Boy and Hispanic Restaurants

I saw a cool you tube on trotters in Asia, made me wonder if there are other offal delights in Sacramento other than Water Boy and Hispanic restaurants.

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  1. Chinese? Dim sum places always have tripe.

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      1. +1 on the Chinese restaurants. When it comes to dim sum, the steamed tripe with ginger (served in a little bamboo steamer basket) is delicious. But omnivore though I am, I can't handle the stewed tripe with other organ meats (served from a big vat in a large bowl). The spleen is just too much for me.

        Going beyond dim sum, you'll find everything from fish maw to duck gizzard to goose intestines on quite a few dinner menus. And the Golden Dragon in Rocklin has a few offal dishes on the "special" menu; the pig ear in chili oil is an interesting textural experience, and I really enjoyed the dry-fried pork intestines.

        Any Vietnamese place is going to offer tripe and tendon in pho. Market Cafe makes great liver and onions (although I think it's been demoted from the regular menu to a weekly special.

        If you want to go upscale, Mulvaney's usually has some offal dishes. I had a great pork heart special there a while back, and I think sweetbreads are on the regular menu.

        Mulvaney's B & L
        1215 19th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

        Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant
        4800 Granite Dr. #B2, Rocklin, CA 95677

        Market Club
        2630 5th St # 16, Sacramento, CA

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          You know I'm plus-one-ing you on Golden Dragon. And, like you, the ear was fine, nothing off-putting about it at all but the fried intestines were really good. I don't believe I'd ever had intestine before. Gotta keep working our way through that menu. Maybe they have a special special menu?