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Feb 21, 2011 10:05 PM

Super Pollo Van Nuys is reborn as Takatis Pollos a la Brasa...and well worth a visit

For reasons I still don't fully understand, Super Pollo in Van Nuys was seldom discussed here, but in my opinion it served one of the best pollo a la brasa in the LA area. I went today and found that the place is now under new management, has undergone a renovation and is now called "Takatis".

The place was completely empty....combined with the ownership change, I have to admit I was quite worried that the food would not be good.

But, I am pleased to report that it's still excellent. The chicken itself is extremely moist and flavorful (they've brined it, coated it in a tasty rub, and finally slow cooked it over wood in an old oven that takes up half the dining room).. It''s served with the usual assortment of Peruvian sauces including the green aji. The french fries are still completely fresh and made with Kennebec potatoes. I had a side salad, which I found pleasingly sweet and tart, but they also have plantains and beans.

The half chicken with two sides for $9 should be enough food to fill up nearly anyone.

Anyway, it was clear to me that this place isn't getting the business it deserves, so I urge folks to give it a try.

Pollos a la brasa
6470 Van Nuys Blvcd
Van Nuys
818 781 8122

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  1. Dylan, well, nearly a year later, and your post is the only one I could find for Takatis. And it is deserving of more attention.

    When I hit town last week, I was on my way to Don Adrian (more about that later) and walked past Takatis. I noted the "Pollo a la Brasa" sign on the sidewalk but decided to ignore it. But what I could not ignore was the pile of logs stacked inside. A Peruvian place with a wood-burning oven deserves further investigation!

    On the way back to the car, I stopped in. On the early side there were only one or two people inside and none of them were eating chicken, so I bought a whole one sight unseen. The young man behind the counter said I was in luck as they'd just taken a batch out of the oven. He probably says that to everyone, but in this case it may have been true. He asked if I wanted it cut into four or eight pieces. I asked for four portions to not leak too much of what I hoped would be free-flowing juices. I drove my purchase an hour south to share with my host. The styro box was tightly bundled up in stretch wrap and inside the blessed chicken was snuggled inside an aluminum foil sheet and still plenty warm. I was worried that the residual heat might have overcooked it, but no need, the flesh was wonderfully succulent and juicy. We were sorry to not have a crack at the skin before it softened, but the chicken was still excellent nonetheless with perfect salting, haunting wood smoke notes, and gentle seasoning. The green ají was icing on the cake, a bit milder than what I'm accustomed to. Some of the juices did flow out, congealing on the bottom of the box, and we peeled the chicken jus off and added it to a pot of lentil soup cooking on the stove.

    The owner had shown me a binder with photos of the various Peruvian dishes made here. Now I'm sorry I didn't get some alfajores or picarones but the sweet load from the holidays made me back away from desserts. I hope someone will try them and post. He also mentioned that a new item he's introduced is the sanguchon, a Peruvian sandwich made with chicken, and that it's taking off. Next time.

    6470 Van Nuys Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91401

    1. I have eaten there twice and I will return.

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        Have you tried other dishes besides the chicken that you'd recommend?

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            Understandably, why climb out of such a delicious rut! Question, my order was packed with only the green aji condiment. Are others such as aji amarillo, aji recoto or other condiments served with the chicken?

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              IIRC, there were two sauces served with the chicken: a green one and a light orange one. Both were good and I used a lot of each.

              Dang, now I'm hungry and it's 11:15 P.M.

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                Thanks, now I feel cheated out of my rightful portion of chili sauce. OTOH, the owner gave me a Peruvian candy bar gratis when I told him I was from San Francisco. :)

                Ají amarillo is yellow and ají recoto is a orangish-red color, typically. Maybe yours was a mix of the two?

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                  Melanie, maybe what I remembered as orange was actually orangish-red. It's been a few weeks since I was there.

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                    Took the family there tonight. Despite a foul smelling homeless woman eating and throwing things around the restaurant I will try and be fair. I usually go to bonano's chicken, for me that is the gold standard in the valley. Takatis has a much smaller and less diversified menu than bonano's, for example they don't offer anywhere near the same amount of fish dishes. The service was off the whole night. I'm with my wife and kids and the food starts coming out the waitress brings me and my wife plates and silverware I have to flag her down to bring the same for my kids wtf! Peruvians don't feed their children? The serving sizes of the food was much smaller than that of bonano's chicken at the same price and a way crappier location. Bottom line, the bill for a family of five with three kids under 11 came to $60.00 tax/tip. 1/2 chicken, anticuchos, chaufa de mariscos and lomo saltado. one and done for me and mi familia.

                    6470 Van Nuys Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91401

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                      I don't know why the place link won't show but here it is via the URL in any case.


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                        The trick is to go for lunch - its an area that rapidly changes character after dark - thats why we always go to Pura Sabor for lunch - wonderful seafood.

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                          sold, i'll go thre fore lunche.