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Feb 21, 2011 08:41 PM

Seville, Cordoba or Granada Markets

We'll be touring through Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada in April and I am having trouble finding the local markets to visit while there. Does anyone know where they are and if they are open every day? Thanks...

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  1. There are probably covered markets in every neighborhood. Locals will know where they are located. I know that in Granada (I was there last month) there is a covered, daily market off the Gran Via in the streets just south, and a block west, of the AC Santa Paula Hotel. Closed Sundays.

    Granada's large, main market is the Mercado de San Agustin on the street of that name. Downtown, west of Gran Via. Open 8am to 2pm. Closed Sundays.

    1. There's the Mercado de la Feria in Sevilla (C/Feria) ; I like it, it's a small market, in a lively part of town.

      I love the marble counters in the fish section of the market.